Boult Y1 Gaming Earbuds Review: Checkout the Quality of this Gaming Earbuds for Just INR 1099

Boult Y1 Gaming Earbuds claims up to 50 hours of battery backup with them. Read on to know whether you should buy these earbuds coming with a price of just INR 1099 or not.


In today’s time, whenever we talk about 1000-1500 earbuds, many earbuds come to mind, but later attention is also paid to things like their performance, features and design. Now if you also think something like this then this news is for you because Boult has recently launched Boult Y1 Gaming new earbuds. In this, not only will you get an audio experience without any interruption, but its 50-hour battery backup will make your overall experience special.

Features like dual device connectivity, Bluetooth 5.4 technology and its most special function Combat Gaming Mode make the earbuds special. With this you can easily switch between devices and enjoy immersive gaming, which can also be useful for you during gaming. Quad mic ENC technology has been used in it. These buds pair up easily with both iOS and Android. It gives 50 hours of battery life.

Boult Y1 Gaming Earbuds Review: Checkout the Quality of this Gaming Earbuds for Just INR 1099

Boult Y1 Gaming: How is the design?

Talking about the design, its charging case comes in oval shape, Type-C port is provided for charging at the bottom of the case. Due to its special design, you can comfortably carry it in your pocket. It is also special in its category because if you keep other buds in your ears for a long time, you will feel pain, but there is nothing like this with this, you can wear and use it for a long time. It will fit comfortably in your fist.

Boult Y1 Gaming: How is the touch control?

The touch control area is very important to control any earbuds. In this, you can turn the music off or on with a single touch because its touch control area is very sensitive and you can control things with a light touch. Different control methods are mentioned in the user manual inside it. So that you will not have any problem in controlling it.

Boult Y1 Gaming: How much is the battery and what is the drawback?

The company has said that you get 50 hours of battery life in it. When you put it on charge, the light will keep burning during charging. Apart from this, light will also be available on the touchpad point of the earbuds. One thing that is bothersome with the earbuds is that if you connect it and watch a video and during this time a call comes, then you will not be able to talk through it. For this you will have to connect again.

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Boult Y1 Gaming: Price and Availability

The launch price of these earbuds of Bolt is Rs 1099. It can be purchased from retail stores including Amazon, Flipkart and Boult’s official website.

Our Verdict

These earbuds from Boult come with great battery life and great design. The sound quality is also good. Overall, their performance is good in the budget of thousand rupees. If you are looking for earbuds around this range then Boult Y1 Gaming is a good option.


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