10 Unique Romantic Ways To Propose to Your Loved One


Being in love is certainly one of the best feelings that can leave you elated, and being in love with the right person makes it all worth it. To have that companion for whom you are willing to make that extra effort and take the big step requires all things to be aligned perfectly as you plan them in your head.

When it comes to popping the big question in front of your loved one, everyone dreams of the execution to be perfect in their way. The whole idea of reaching that point makes one plan out several things in their head, then discard most of those ideas and then finally fix onto one which would work out the best for them. Some struggle to get that perfect idea and some ace it like a pro. It’s for the people who need that extra push that we collate unique romantic ideas one can look up to for making their big day what they had thought of and something worth remembering.

Here’s a list of 10 unique romantic ways to propose to your loved one!

  • Go Down the Memory Lane

Take them back to where it all began. The firsts are always special and close to our hearts. It takes one back to the times when they can see the whole journey that got them to this point with you and realize how far they have come with you. Drop down on your knee when you get in that space and feel that moment is right and all that you had wished for. It’s dreamy and romantic and something that will get them to say an instant Yes!

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romantic proposal in the balcony

  • Get Up High in the Air

You can plan and book a hot air balloon to bring in the much-awaited question you had been planning on for your loved one. Go high up in the air, and quite literally take your relationship to new heights. Set yourself free from the hustle-bustle of the chaotic life down there and spend some moments of calm and serenity while you are soaring high up there. Catch the right moment and propose to your partner, making them feel that they are on Cloud Nine!

proposal in hot air balloon

  • Make it Happen at Your Dream Destination

We all have bucket lists that we prepare with our partners, planning out everything that we wish to experience with our loved ones. There might just be a place on your list that you and your partner would have fixed upon and something that has been a dream for the two of you. Plan your proposal in that place making that dream destination all the more special and memorable for your loved one.

romantic proposal at Eiffel Tower

  • Seal it Under a Sky Full of Stars

Take your partner to the far-away open spaces where you can see the vastness of the sky with the glimmer of stars that can light up every mood and emotion, making it enchanting while you are proposing the big question to your loved one. A sky full of stars is nothing short of how you can bring in your unique romantic proposal and create something worth remembering for the rest of your lives.

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unique proposal under sky full of stars

  • Book a Theater and Play Your Movie

What is better than booking a theatre to roll out a movie of the two of you, the stars of the show who are supposed to shine bright? Bringing back the flashbacks and the memories that were a part of your lives and having them played on the big screen can make you relive it all, making it special in all forms for you and your partner while you pop your proposal on the big screen, setting the bar of unique romantic proposals way too high.

man proposing woman in theater

  • Get on a Ferris Wheel

If you and your partner are the adventurous kinds then hop on a Ferris wheel where you feel the rush and excitement in every moment and then double up your excitement by proposing to your loved one while you are up and above the rest of all. The rush and exhilaration at that moment will make it an exclusive experience, adding a bit of adventure to your romance.

Unique Ferris Wheel Proposal

  • A Sweet Serenade

If music is what brings the two of you together then this is certainly what will set all sparks of romance between you and your loved one. Sing out a song that connects you both and hits the chords of love for the two of you. Serenade your loved one with the rhythm of your love and ask them to be yours while you sing your heart out to them.

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Man on guitar singing for his loved one

  • Get On a Sunrise Hike

Hike up to the open spaces where the morning rays hit the right spots for you to hit your partner with the proposal. The peaceful morning vibe with the magnificent blend of colors oozes romance in every bit of the time spent at that moment with your partner. You dropping on your knee against the splendid sky is something that will surely leave your partner mesmerized, making them fall for you in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.

couple on a sunrise hike

  • Keep it Simple

Your gestures need not be big for you to show how much you love your partner. It can be as simple as a breakfast in bed or during some morning cuddles and snuggles where they least expect you to bring in this question. Keep it raw and organic if you two are the kind to not go big on proposals and yet like to keep the romance alive.

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Breakfast in bed romance


  • Take the Help of Furry Friends

If you two are pet people then there is nothing more blissful than your furry buddy bringing in the big proposal for you. Our furry friends love to get involved in our lives and no one would say no to a proposal sent through them. Put the ring on your pet’s collar and let your partner see it amidst the innumerable cuddles they give to your furry buddy. This proposal is set to spark moments of absolute joy that you would remember and cherish for years.

Dog carrying the proposal placard

Gather the courage to take the big step and no matter what you do and how you do it, if it’s done with love, you will have it all.

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