Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO: Should You Be Subscribing Or Not?

Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO: Should You Be Subscribing Or Not?

There’s too much going on in the investment market of India and starting from Zomato opening its IPO, more are following such as Tatva Chintan Pharma, which is quite a reputated brand in its domain.

They deal majorly in pharma products in verticals such as automotive, petroleum, pharmaceutical, agrochemicals, paints and coatings, dyes and pigments, personal care, and flavor and fragrances industries.

Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO: Should You Be Subscribing Or Not?

When did Tatva Chinta Pharma IPO started?

The IPO had open for subscription from 16th July 2021 with ₹225 crores of fresh equity shares by the Tatva Chintan Pharma and ₹275 crores of an offer for sale (OFS) to its allied members.

Do not forget that the Price brand for the company is ₹1,073 – ₹1,083 and it would turn out to be a good investment if it’s for the long term.

There are other aspects in support of this being a good investment such as the analysis by some of the top tier stockbroking firms such as Investmentz. Here’s what they have to say.

“The company earns 30% of revenue from pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates and other specialty chemicals, which are export orders shifted from China to India. With its superior product mix, established brand name, forward integration, strong relationships with multinationals, and adding capacities, we believe Tatva Chintan is likely to deliver healthy financial performance,” said a report by stockbroking platform Investmentz.

Report analysis of Tatva China Pharma IPO

It is clear from the report and what analysts says that if you’re into long-term investing then it would be a good option otherwise not.

It is to be kept in mind that the Pharma industry is on an exponential growth pattern with 5-6% of growth observance in the upcoming five years. The industry is currently valued at a total of $800 billion (as measured back in 2019).

Tatva Chintan Pharma has a strong record with a powerful balance sheet, and factors such as them being the key industry player and having high growth potential help their IPO uprising.

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