Tatkal Ticket New Rule: Important Update for Passengers! These revised rules regarding waiting tickets and RAC tickets, know how to get the benefit?

This new rule comes after a complaint was lodged by social activist Sunil Kumar Khandelwal from Jharkhand.


Tatkal Ticket New Rule: Indian Railways has introduced a significant change in the cancellation charges for waiting ticket and RAC tickets. This change comes as part of the ongoing efforts by the Railways to improve its services and customer experience.

People taking advantage of Indian Railways are going to get big relief. Yes, Railways has made changes in one of its major rules. If you have booked a ticket anywhere and it is waiting (Waiting Ticket Rules) or is stuck in RAC (RAC Ticket Rules), then now to provide you such convenience, Railways has made changes in its rules (Indian Railways New Ticket Cancellation Policy). Changes have been made. Railways has made changes in the convenience fee charged on ticket cancellation.


Many times people’s waiting tickets do not get confirmed or the ticket gets stuck after reaching RAC. In such situations, the Railways itself cancels the tickets many times. In return for this, a huge amount was collected from the passengers, which is called convenience fee. But, now Railways has changed this amount. Now Railways will charge a fixed amount of INR 60 from passengers for canceling their tickets or canceling their tickets on their own.

A leader from Jharkhand is behind the implementation of this new rule of Railways. Sunil Kumar Khandelwal, a social activist here, had lodged a complaint a few days ago against the huge amount charged by the Railways for canceling waiting tickets. He gave an example that a passenger had bought a ticket for INR 190.

The ticket was a waiting ticket which was canceled by the Railways itself if it was not confirmed. After this he got only INR 95, the remaining amount was deducted in the name of convenience fee. For this reason, Railways has now issued a new rule of deducting a fixed amount of INR 60.

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This new rule regarding ticket cancellation charges is part of the recent changes implemented by Indian Railways. Another recent change is related to the provision of water bottles on trains. Passengers will now be provided with 500 ml water bottles instead of 1 liter bottles. However, passengers can request additional bottles free of cost if needed, in an effort to conserve water.


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