Hidden Features in Google Maps, You Should Know About.

Google Maps Features

Remember the days when we used to roll down windows at every other corner in order to ask for directions, when in a new city. Well! its been such a long time people stopped doing that and it all has been possible due to the introduction of Google Maps.

Google Maps may look like one simple app showing locations and places which help you to show your way and everything related to a mapping entity but it is much more than that. Google Maps has several features that make it one of the most sought after map application of them all, let’s check some of them out.

Google Maps Features

Incognito Mode for Maps

There are people who are always hesitant to share their private information or data over the internet and their concern is completely valid, after all, who wants to be under a radar 24X7.

Google Maps when viewed with Incognito mode, does not track and save your location. Hence, your privacy is completely maintained and you can search or check-in to any location without Google knowing about it.

Save Favorite Places

Having trouble remembering that fast-food joint which serves the best Pizza in town, well! this Maps feature is just for someone like you.

Favorite places are a list of locations that you can save on maps in order to visit them again when you want to. It cuts out the process of remembering and marking streets, finding landmarks whenever going somewhere in order for you to come back to the place.

Messaging Feature

You came across a business listing on Google Maps and you want to inquire more about the business or its services, well! you can and for that, all you need to do is send a direct message to the business from Google Maps itself remaining that you may have switched on the messaging feature from settings.

Inbuilt Speedometer

Google Maps can as well determine your speed in real-time with the use of strong and fast-algorithms backed up by huge servers that provide high-speed processing. The Speedometer can be used in various situation and it is a helpful tool for many out there but be sure that that you’ve had the feature turned on from settings.

Street Light (Under Development)

Google Maps may introduce a new feature where you can determine which streets are highly lited and which one’s are there without a shred of light. Dark street in the night time is a fair warning for danger and even if not then also, its quite uncomfortable to travel through all those dark pathways.

Google Maps may ship a new feature where you can determine the street lighting from the color of the road as shown on Google Maps. The highly lighted roads or ways would be marked with a yellow color and the dark ones would be marked otherwise for easy user understanding.

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