Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro: Which Is Better for You?


Samsung is the only brand that can go head-on-head anytime with Apple. This time too, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is in close competition with Apple’s popular AirPods Pro. It will be a tough call to choose between them as both serve premium sound quality and there is hardly any price difference which won’t make it easier for you to select any of them depending on the cost.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

                                              Vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro: Which Is Better for You?

Design Comparison

The case of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has been kept in the shape of a wedding ring case to give you the traditional and old-school look like the early buds. The case sparks from outside as it is made out of high-gloss plastic and matte plastic from inside as it can absorb small scratches. It is only charged via USB Type-C and the best thing about these buds is that they can easily fit anybody’s ear canal perfectly.

The AirPods Pro comes in a sleek charging case that opens from the top and unlike Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, it doesn’t charge via USB Type-C, instead of going with Apple’s proprietary lightning port. They are only available in white color which sometimes looks less appealing than Buds Pro. These are extended out like a stem which helps in the adjustment whenever needed and these stems make it easy to remove them easily too. The case is completely made out of high-gloss plastic and their rubber tips make a good fit in the ear.

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Price Comparison

The Galaxy Buds Pro will cost Rs. 15,990 and the AirPods Pro is available at a price of Rs. 20,999 currently. Approximately, there is a price difference of Rs. 6,000 only but during Amazon and Flipkart sales, the price of AirPods Pro drops down to Rs. 18,500 and hardly a difference is left between the two.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is very much detailed and balanced, giving you an experience of a premium bass and beats when the music is played.

Whereas, the sound quality of AirPods Pro is also detailed and balanced, but it lacks in giving proper bass as it has been highly focused on calling purpose.Best Offers on the Amazon Great Republic Day Sale Starting from January 20

Battery Life

Both the earbuds can last up to 2 days maximum after their extensive use if they are being used with their case, otherwise, they will last up to 5 hours maximum without the case.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro will last up to 18 hours with the case and 5 hours without it after keeping ANC (Active Noise Control) on. If you want them to last longer then it will be advisable to turn off ANC, which will allow you to enjoy continuous music for 28 hours with case and 8 hours without it.

Whereas, Apple’s AirPods Pro will last more than 24 hours maximum with the case and by keeping ANC on. Without the case and by keeping ANC off, the AirPods Pro is expected to last for about 4.5 hours

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