A New Range of Cool Devices and Gadgets to Be Launched Soon In 2021


Every year Consumer Electronics Show is organized in Las Vegas to showcase new technologies, gadgets to be launched soon.Even though at the time of the pandemic, this show went very well and many technology lovers showed up. It is a fantastic platform for the brands to show off their new concepts, brand new technology, and innovations that are meant to flash you with new surprises. Here, we have prepared a list of 10 all-new cool gadgets to be launched soon in 2021.

  1. Samsung Solar Remote
    Gadgets to Be Launched

Ever heard of solar TV remotes? Samsung company is set to launch their upcoming TVs in 2021 with solar remotes which is a great step towards the direction of new technology, as it is eco-friendly and less electronic waste will be generated. The remotes are manufactured with small solar light receptors that can be charged using both indoor and outdoor lights.

  1. Panasonic Wireless Charger

Panasonic company is ready to launch its new wireless mobile charger which is meant for cars and has a wireless charging coil that moves in the optimum direction in order to align itself with the mobile device’s charging coil. It is expected to be launched soon this year and the price has not been announced yet.

  1. LG Rollable Phone

Many of us have seen foldable and swivel phones so far, but LG has come up with new technology this year. LG is going to launch a new device called LG Rollable that has a resizable screen that can slide in and out, that is, the screen can partially expand and contract, giving a wide range of the display. The launching date has not been finalized but it is expected to get launched in 2021.

  1. Oticon More: Smart Hearing Aids

Modern technology is expanding like fire in a forest and isn’t stopping at all. Just like that, hearing aids from Oticon features Bluetooth technology and allows you to attend a call along with streaming onto your favorite music. This device enhances speech understanding to a great extent in both noisy and quiet environments as well.

  1. Samsung AI-Powered Robot

Every year we are surprised by the new AI technology. And this time too Samsung showcased its JetBot 90 robot vacuum cleaner powered by Intel AI, which works efficiently to clean your entire house and helps in making home maintenance far quicker and easier. An official introduction has been given by the company and pricing is expected to be announced soon.

  1. Razer Smart Mask

This smart mask looks more like an N95 type mask and is called Project Hazel. It has a detachable ventilator to regulate the airflow and is capable of filtering 95% of airborne particles. It comes with a special charging case consisting of UV light inside it which kills viruses and bacteria while the mask is charging. It first listens to your voice first and intelligently reproduces it through two speakers.

New Technologies in 2021 Will Be Innovative And Virus Friendly Too

  1. Lenovo AR Glasses

The ThinkReality A3 is a new AR-powered product by Lenovo which has a 1080p resolution. It consists of a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 chip and can easily be used for motion tracking with a pair of fish-eye cameras. The glasses can be connected with a PC or a bunch of selected Motorola smartphones. It is expected to be launched in mid-2021 and the prices have not been finalized.

  1. Ampere Shower Power

Gadgets to Be Launched

Many people do not sing in public but they have been a bathroom singer once in their lifetime, and we know how much they enjoy listening to music too while taking a shower. This speaker can fit in any shower head and is powered by Bluetooth. It has a hydropower system that works like a water wheel in a dam. It automatically rotates an internal impeller which is connected to a mini-generator to charge its battery before the water from your shower reaches the showerhead. The moment water starts to flow, it begins to charge. It is going to get launched in 2021 and the price is still unknown.

  1. LG Instaview Refrigerators

A new range of refrigerators has come from LG company with a couple of new features like inverter linear compressor and door cooling. You just need to command the refrigerator and it will do it. Like you just have to say “open the refrigerator door” and it will open by itself. It will be easier to check the status of the ice with this refrigerator. It is expected to launch soon in 2021.

  1. Customizable Refrigerators

Got bored with your old fridge and don’t want to see its usual look anymore? Then check out Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerator that allows you to customize the type, color, and material of your choice. It can be customized to any form like you can keep a 2-door refrigerator if you are single or can add an extra door like a flex compartment, that is, two plus one door if you are a couple or you can split it up to three single doors if you want to make some space for your children too. It is easy to customize by it yourself.

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