Samsung 98 Inch QLED Smart 8K UHD TV is $50,000 off For Black Friday


Black Friday is once again upon us and this is the most awaited day when money will be spent on one’s desired items with huge discounts. It is a great day for the customers to save big money on a variety of items, ranging from shoes to appliances. To let you have some extra-ordinary benefits of this Black Friday Sale, we have brought you the best item today which you may very likely to purchase.

Samsung tv


For most people, it is a dream television which everyone would like to have in their living area to enjoy the best 8K picture quality with a theatrical surrounding which makes your living area none other than a movie theatre. It is Samsung ‘98” Class Q900 QLED Smart 8K UHD TV’ which has been put up for a great sale on Black Friday this year, giving you FLAT-50% off from $100,000 to $50,000. You must be thinking that this is some kind of joke or some pricing error. Well, you read it correctly the very first time and this is a blow because this is the first time that this item has been put up on sale at this discounting percentage.

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This television features 8K resolution which gives stunning picture quality and each picture will seem more life-like, AI Upscaling to ensure each image has sharper edges and less noise, 33 million pixel resolution to give you an experience of 8K visual delight, Ultra Viewing Angle which will pave the way for a great viewing experience, Intelligent Mode which automatically adjusts the brightness and volume according to the room surrounding, Airplay 2 to watch your favorite content with your Apple devices, Google Assistant to control your TV by simply using your own voice and much more.

So here goes nothing in buying this Samsung Tv if you want to cover more of your wall in beautiful pixels than your neighbors. And if you are saying that you don’t want to buy a $50,000 television then you will be losing a life-time opportunity by letting it go as this day may never appear again. So, we believe you will not let this deal slip right through your hands and purchase it now.

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