“Google Task Mate” app: An easy way to earn money by performing simple tasks on your smartphones

Google has come up with a new app in the market called “Google Task Mate” and now it is currently being tested in India and Kenya, which lets users to earn money by performing a number of simple tasks on their smartphones. Currently, the app is in the development stage but they have launched its beta version. The main purpose of this app is to bring new businesses in your local area, improve mapping services of localities, expand those businesses which are already registered with Google, and many more.

It works in three simple steps:

  • Finds tasks nearby
  • Complete a task to begin earning
  • Cash out your earnings

There is no time limit for any particular task or the requirement of any practical knowledge. Anyone can perform them, whenever they feel like completing the tasks.

This app doesn’t assign you heavy-duty tasks like cleaning local areas or delivering items. It assigns you a variety of simple tasks like clicking a photo of any nearby shopfront as the location will be pinned to you, answering survey questions about personal preferences, other small tasks like recording or transcribing sentences, etc. Then the completed tasks will be reviewed and the users will be paid in their local currency.

If you are required to go somewhere in the local area then this app will notify you that how much time will it take to reach the destination and you can also see how much a task is worth. If you do not wish to perform a particular task then you have the option to skip to the next task. A proper tracking record will be maintained in your profile consisting of the total time taken, distance traveled, the total number of achievements, tasks performed, etc.

In order to retrieve your money, you will need an account with a third-party payments processor and you can cash out your earned money anytime by registering your e-wallet or account details with the payment partner in the app., then visit your profile page and tap the “cash-out” button. But the app can only be accessed and used if you have a referral code, which is available through invite-only.

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It has not been cleared by Google that how much time do they need to launch the “Google Task Mate” app on the play store.



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