PUBG Mobile India with 5 New Developments: Launching Soon

PUBG Mobile India with 5 New Developments: Launching Soon

The most awaited game of the year PUBG MOBILE INDIA has not released yet. The final date of its release has not been finalized as the company is still in search of a green flag from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY). The game was supposed to launch on 17 November 2020, then further delayed till 20 November 2020 and since then it is being delayed.

A lot of rumors are spreading that the game is likely to release on 1 December 2020 or by the end of the first week of December. Now, it is really difficult for gamers to control their enthusiasm and craze for the game after hearing that the company has been registered in Bengaluru, on 21 November 2020, and the only thing stopping it is, the need for permission from MEITY to continue.

A lot of things have been happening around regarding the relaunch of the PUBG mobile version in India. So, let’s take a quick recap of five recent developments around PUBG and try to understand why it is taking so long for the game to release in India again.

  1. According to InsideSport, MEITY refuses to grant permission for its release, and recently the Ministry official told InsideSport when they got in touch with him that this will not be enough to resume operations in India, also made a clear statement that “Any banned entity can’t operate just by floating a new company. This even TikTok or any other app else can do. They need to get permission from MEITY to operate once again in India”. Getting approval from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is not enough as the company still needs support from MEITY too.


2.PUBG Corporation abolished Tencent Games so as to step back again in India and recently it has been mentioned by PUBG Corporation that privacy and security of the data of Indian players will be our topmost priority. That’s why they have partnered with Microsoft Azure and all the data has been transferred to this new partnered company.

3.Many gaming enthusiasts reportedly spammed Microsoft Azure’s Twitter account by asking for the final release date of PUBG Mobile India. In return, Microsoft Azure tweeted “We don’t have any news to share at this time regarding PUBG Mobile India. Keep looking on the official website for more information!”

4.Some of the bodacious changes have been made in PUBG Mobile India including fully clothed characters, virtual simulation training setting, green blood instead of red, and time restriction feature is also added.

5.It is strongly believed that a beta version of PUBG Mobile India will be released first and only the top elite Indian players will get access to play and analyze because testing is really important so that the game might not fail at some point.

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