Robot Dreams Review: A Tale of Friendship and Circuits

Robot Dreams Review


Robot Dreams by Sara Varon is a heartwarming graphic novel that defies language barriers. With no dialogue or title cards, it weaves a poignant tale of friendship, loss, and redemption. Let me take you on a journey through its rusted landscapes and tender moments.

Robot Dreams Review: A Tale of Friendship and Circuits

The story begins with a freshly booted-up Robot, whose smile instantly connects with a dog. Their friendship blooms, but fate intervenes cruelly. After a Labor Day beach outing leaves Robot immobilized in the sand, the dog abandons him, unsure how to help. As seasons pass, the dog tries to fill the void with new friends—a melting snowman, epicurean anteaters—but none can replace Robot.


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Meanwhile, Robot daydreams, escaping to better places. Through interwoven journeys, both characters yearn to recover from their fateful day at the beach. The illustrations, simple lines, and soft colors evoke a powerful sense of vulnerability and longing.

Robot Dreams speaks universally to the fragile nature of friendship. It reminds us that connections, once forged, leave lasting imprints—even when circumstances tear them apart. 


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