Ishq Vishk Rebound Review: A Spirited Romp with Young Hearts

Ishq Vishk Rebound Review


Ishq Vishk Rebound, directed by Nipun Dharmadhikari, is a lighthearted coming-of-age tale that dances between friendship, love, and self-discovery. Let’s dive into the flavors of this romantic comedy.

Plot Synopsis: Raghav (Rohit Saraf), Sanya (Pashmina Roshan), and Sahir (Jibraan Khan) have been inseparable friends since childhood. As they grow older, Sanya falls for Sahir, while Raghav immerses himself in his love for writing. But fate intervenes – Sanya and Sahir break up, leaving Raghav to mend two broken hearts.

Ishq Vishk Rebound Review: A Spirited Romp with Young Hearts

What Works:

  • Rohit Saraf’s Endearing Charm: Saraf, fresh from his stint in Netflix’s Mismatched, brings a goofy yet relatable energy to Raghav.
  • Friendship Dynamics: The film captures the essence of youthful camaraderie, complete with banter and shared secrets.
  • Taboo Questions: Ishq Vishk Rebound fearlessly explores rebound relationships, bro codes, and the blurred lines between friendship and romance.

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What Could Be Better:

  • Screen Presence: The ensemble cast lacks the magnetic pull of main characters. Performances fall short, especially Naila Grrewal’s Riya.
  • Predictable Moments: Some plot twists follow well-trodden paths.

Verdict: Ishq Vishk Rebound is like a frothy cappuccino – light, enjoyable, but not groundbreaking. If you’re in the mood for a breezy romance with a dash of nostalgia, give it a shot. Just don’t expect fireworks – it’s more like a sparkler.


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