Preregister as a JioMart Customer and Avail Rs 3000 Voucher, Know How


If you’re someone who gets their chunk of daily news then you should already be aware of Facebook’s investment promise of $5.7 billion in digital assets belonging to Reliance Industries Ltd.

Following that event, Reliance was expected to launch one of its grand schemes in the coming days, and guess what? They just did.

JioMart, an online e-commerce venture from Reliance Industries Ltd. has been launched and has successfully started its operations at 3 regions in Mumbai.

But, you must be confused by Reliance bizarre step to launch a e-commerce store during the lockdown period where only essentials can be delivered by the companies.

Well! Mukesh Ambani didn’t become world richest without taking on a few bizarre decisions but as you know, it works out well for him.

Whether it be distributing free data across the nation and breaking the telecom industry’s biggest and long-standing players or any other business he takes on. The man knows his way around things and would eventually end up profiting from it anyway.

With JioMart, Reliance is trying to bring back the power which has been taken away from the local store after the introduction of e-commerce back in the day.

They have connected Local shops onto their network and operation without any warehouse. The plan would be to get order directly from the customer for the stock supplied by the local neighborhood seller and cut the middle man and delivery time completely.

For a user, what you can do is save the JioMart’s WhatsApp number 8850008000 which is used to place the order. Now, all you need to know to get your order delivered is how to operate Whatsapp and a JioMart website where you’d place your order.

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After you’ve placed your order, an SMS with the name of the nearby store and their contact details would be forwarded to you. Another SMS would pop up in your inbox when your order would be ready for pickup.

Yes! you heard it right, Nothing would be delivered to your homes instead you need to go and pick up the order from the store which is designated for the offer.

While JioMart wants to be in competition with Amazon and Flipkart in the e-commerce domain, making the customer pick up their stuff from the pickup point seems quite weird.

But again! They have a team devoted to planning these strategies out and in the coming time, we’ll see how much JioMart has accomplished.

“The rollout is happening during the toughest of times considering the supply chain constraints,” said Vikraman P.N., founder of Finnoviti Consulting Pvt. “But Reliance will spread the pilot run in various states following its deal with Facebook. And WhatsApp will play a critical role in JioMart’s expansion.”

Now, Sadly if you want to try out JioMarts services, they would probably not be available where you are. And if you’re someone using it, please drop a little review of their service down below in the comments.

Coming back to the topic, it would take some time for them to launch the JioMart throughout the country and you would have to wait for some time.

But again, there’s something for you already by Jio and its a discount coupon of 3000 INR by the Pvt. Ltd. All you need to do is pre-register their service and voila! there you go.

Click here to pre-register for JioMart and get your 3000 INR coupon.

So, do you like this offer and the overall news of JioMart. We bet you do, so why don’t you check out more of our website, maybe we have something that you’d like.

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