Public Gatherings Not Allowed Till June 30 in Uttar Pradesh


The orders in Uttar Pradesh came down to no public gatherings will be there till June 30, for the state citizens that weather the lockdown is removed or not on May 3, Amid the situations, a joint meeting was held on last Friday.

In this meeting, UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath, senior district administration officials, chief medical officer (CMO), and police officials were allowed to present their views on the extension of lockdown. During this meeting, further details were discussed whether to increase the lockdown in the hotspots.

The news became a wildfire amongst the citizens. All communities of people living in the state are to be coordinated with peace without any more violent activities. And having Ramzan around the corner, community leaders are requested to offer prayers to people’s homes.

During the lockdown and days after the lockdown is halted, no mass gatherings are to be held to demote any situation of spreading the novel Coronavirus. As of now, the districts where lockdown was implemented are now in the safe zone.

Why Public Gatherings In Uttar Pradesh are avoided?

In the statistical report, the CM stated that the cases of COVID-19 are low. A major portion of the positive affectees comes from those who attended the Tablighi Jamat. And those who attended this event are under-identification and transported to quarantine facilities.

Islam is the second-largest religion in India, with 14.2% of the country’s population. Almost 20 crore Islamic adherents are present in India out of which 4.39 crore Muslims reside in Uttar Pradesh. As of April 26, 1793 people are found Coronavirus positive and are taken care exclusively.

Till now, 6 lakh people have been put in quarantine for 14 days and now have returned to their homes, safe and sound. Police are advised to catch any suspect who runs away from these secure facilities and charge a complaint against them.

Adding to this, CM Yogi also urged people to avoid going to banks. Officers should try postmen to send money to people. Both government and private offices are requested to keep shut off till further notice and leave their houses when it’s necessary.

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