Ponniyin Selvan (PS) 2 Movie Review: Mani Ratnam’s Magnum Opus is a Perfect Ode to Kalki’s Masterpiece

PS 2 Movie Review: An ultimate historical film that will make you feel excited and interested.


Ponniyin Selvan (PS) 2 Movie Review: Mani Ratnam’s magnum opus is an epic period drama that serves as the perfect ode to Kalki’s masterpiece. Everything about this film is grand in nature. From characters to setting to the storyline, there is nothing that you won’t find engaging about PS 2.

Ponniyin Selvan (PS) 2 Movie Review Rating: ★★★★ | 4/5


Ponniyin Selvan (PS) 2 Movie Cast: Jayam Ravi, Trisha, Vikram, Karthi, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Sohbita Dhulipala, Prakash Raj, R. Parthiban and the ensemble.

Ponniyin Selvan (PS) 2 Movie Director: Mani Ratnam

Ponniyin Selvan (PS 2) Movie Story: The first installment concluded with Pandiya rebels swearing to spill royal blood and Chola chieftains plotting a revolt against their own. The dilemma of whether the next monarch will be prince Aditya Kariklan, the hermit Prince Arunmozhi, their estranged Uncle Madhuranthakan, or Pandiya rebel Amarabujanga set the setting.

Ponniyin Selvan (PS) 2 Movie Review: Mani Ratnam's Magnum Opus is a Perfect Ode to Kalki's Masterpiece

Ponniyin Selvan (PS) 2 Movie Review

Amarar Kalki’s epic prose weaves a web of conspiracies, secrets, political instability, and approaching conflict with an element of surprise and shock at every turn. Maniratnam accepted the enormous responsibility of doing justice to the epic Tamil classic. As more knots unravel with unexpected twists and turns, the narrating speed does not pick up. The master delivers a sure-fire winner with caution and confidence in a self-assured manner.

Ponniyin Selvan Part One was unfairly compared to Bahubali. Fans of the novel may have had expectations that differed from the director’s perspective. The brave decision to establish the pace, tone, and attitude of the opening half helped clear up all confusion. Mani Ratnam could have had greater creative freedom in the second section to provide a worthy climax that Amarar Kalki would have been proud of.

Ponniyin Selvan is billed as a multi-starrer, yet every character has a role to perform, and the film’s popularity comes when you forget about the stars. For example, there will be no whistles in the scene where Vikram, Karth Jayam Ravi, and Trisha share screen space since the gravity of the scene would keep you captivated.

Aishwarya Rai has two of the best dramatic passages in the second portion, both written and directed by her. Every cinematic element works in tandem to boost Aishwarya’s perhaps career-best performance.

Regardless of screen time, every character leaves their imprint. Because of the film’s length, not a single character was wasted or sacrificed. Again, this demonstrates Maniratnam’s confidence in providing adequate breathing room between scenes. The sequences are not rushed, and as a result, each character gets their turn in the spotlight.

The technical department’s success is based on the fact that you will not leave the movie to appreciate it. They all blend in perfectly. Whether it’s AR Rahman’s excellent background score or the songs. Outstanding art design work for Chozas and Pandyas, with meticulous attention to detail. The costume concept and a slew of actors who grew their facial hair regardless of how far back they’ll be standing in a scene. The computer graphics are used in a subtle and effective manner that does not stand out. Again, a deliberate decision to avoid comparisons and expectations.


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