NorthEast Festival 2022 Line-Up Out: Artists Like When Chai Met Toast to Taba Chake To Perform


NorthEast Festival 2022 is all set to kick off on 23rd December. The festival that celebrated the music, art. culture, food and festivals of North East India is scheduled to happen from 23rd-26th December 2022 in the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi. The event is making a comeback after the pandemic and the tickets for the same are selling like hotcakes. This Christmas you have a chance to enjoy your Christmas in the presence of your favourite music artists from North East India in the NorthEast Festival 2022. Tickets for the event start at Rs 300 and can be bought on the PayTM Insider website.

NorthEast Festival 2022

Artists that are performing on the first night of NorthEast Festival 2022 (23rd December)

1- When Chai Met Toast

The NorthEast Festival 2022’s first night is going to be highlighted by the group that has been mesmerising the people with its music is sort of a fusion between Indian and Western Culture. Their name When Chai Met Toast represents the fusion of music and culture in India. When Chai Met Toast has sung beautiful songs like Khoj, Joy of Little Things, When We Feel Young, Believe and more. You can check here the- Best Songs by When Chai Met Toast before you purchase the ticket to their concert.

2- Klanjan

3- Khanzaadi

4- Flying Cupid

5- Serpents of Pakhangba

6- Traffic Jam

Artists that are performing on the second night of NorthEast Festival 2022 (24th December)

1- Bipul Chhetri and the Travelling Band

Bipul Chhetri is a well-known North East singer who has a beautiful voice that can charm listeners. He travels with the Travelling Band for concerts. The band consists of experienced artists who are well-versed in their specialised domain. This group is going to be the highlight on the second day.


3- Jessie Lyngdoh

4- Achurjya Borpatra

Artists that are performing on the Christmas at NorthEast Festival 2022

1- Taba Chake

The North Eastern singer has a loyal fanbase and some pure joyful songs in his artillery that makes him the star of Christmas Night. His Indie songs like Aao Chalein, Shaayad and In Wadiyon Mein will surely be a delight to listen to during the concert.

2- Trans Effect

3- Zubeen Garg

4- Teri Miko

5- Sangpoispo

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