10 Best Songs by When Chai Met Toast To Listen Right Now


When Chai Met Toast is an indie-folk group that came together in 2016 in Kochi, the band is known for producing light-hearted and feel-good songs, which they often create in Hindi and English. When Chai Met Toast also uses Tamil and Malayalam lyrics in their songs, making them a unique group of musicians in the Indian scene. The band consists of lead vocalist Ashwin Gopakumar, guitarist Achyuth Jaigopal, keyboardist Palee Francis, and drummer Pai Sailesh. They have been recognized as one of the rising artists on Spotify’s RADAR programme. When Chai Met Toast has also developed music for comedian Kenny Sebastian’s web series, they will make their Bollywood debut by providing music for the upcoming film Jee Le Zaraa directed by Farhan Akhtar. The band is progressing and making waves with its soulful music. Here we have compiled a list of their best songs which you should hear asap.

Here Are The 10 Best Songs by When Chai Met Toast To Listen Right Now:

1- Hop Stomp

This beautiful track was released in 2019 by When Chai Met Toast. They created this song to honour the beautiful memories that they formed with the people of Bengaluru they encountered before the idea of this song came to them. It’s a wonderful relaxing song which mixes both English and Hindi. You will find yourself singing along to their calming and cheery lyrics.

2- When We Feel Young

This song is special in a lot of ways. When Chai Met Toast recorded it on a farm in Kerala. It’s part of their Nature Tapes, a series of videos in which they record music at beautiful locations in our country. This song is about that special person who brought many positive changes to our lives but somehow or the other things did not work out. The song makes us realize that instead of whining over the past, we should cherish the beautiful memories.

3- Joy of Little Things

Joy of Little Things is one of those songs that will make you forget all your worries and imagine yourself in a scenic setting with happiness flowing through you. It’s a beautiful song that will take you on a wonderful journey with its calmness and purity. The song urges people to find joy in little things in their everyday lives.

4- Khoj (Passing By)

Khoj is one of the first songs of the group to go viral. The song is about how people can find happiness in their lives with just the arrival of a beautiful soul who can dissipate all their worries in just no amount of time. With some people, life flows easy and smooth. This song is about appreciating those people in our lives who made us believe again in the beauty of life.

5- Kahaani

One of the most realistic songs about breakups that you will ever come across. The song does not have unnecessary drama to the emotional situation that can make people feel a lot of strong emotions. How we continue to work in our daily life while adopting the new lifestyle is one of the most striking and realistic features of this song that’s both painful and calming at the same time.

6- Ocean Tide

This song will make you imagine the best of happy moments in your life. It’s like a hot maggie on a rainy day, a combo of chai and pakoras prepared by your mother when it’s pouring down or an endless night under the stars filled with laughter and joy with your most cherished friends. A must-listen song that should definitely be on everyone’s radar.

7- Break Free

A song that beautifully captures how sometimes we feel in our lives that we are invisible to everyone, and no matter what we do and say, it doesn’t affect anyone. The feeling of overwhelming loneliness in old age is described in the most beautiful way possible. Easily one of the best songs by When Chai Met Toast.

8- Believe

You must have guessed by the name of the song that it’s about having the belief that you can achieve your dreams and aspirations if you have a firm faith that cannot be destroyed by a few hiccups in your journey. Our advice- play this song whenever you are feeling under blue and need some motivation to find your path again.

9- Beautiful World

Beautiful World is a beautiful song created by When Chai Met Toast during the times of lockdown when we were all missing the beauty of the outside world and our connections with people who we met on a regular basis and shared our problems and happiness with. The song makes you appreciate the good things in your life.

10- Who Are You

One of the best songs by When Chai Met Toast, Who Are You is a special track that will resonate with people who are trying to discover their purpose and meaning in life. The song is about understanding our own selves and coming to terms with our hopes and desires. This song will touch your heart with its heartfelt lyrics.

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