Major Update: WhatsApp to Introduce 12 New Features for WhatsApp Channels

Find out everything about WhatsApp Channels and their features


WhatsApp is undeniably the most popular messaging app in India. Even though the app has complete dominance when it comes to online messaging services right now in India, the team behind WhatsApp is looking to enhance the interface and features even more in the upcoming few months. According to the latest report of WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently working on 12 new features which will work on the WhatsApp Channels, which will help the app become smoother, more private and more secure.

What is WhatsApp Channel?

Image Source: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp Channels are not to be confused with Communities, which allow you to create a larger group for sub-groups, but rather a public broadcasting tool. You can subscribe to a channel that interests you and receive updates on it here. The difference is that only admins can submit messages to the group, whereas users can respond to messages and vote in polls.

WhatsApp 12 New Features for Channels

Below is the list of all 12 new expected features of WhatsApp for the Channels that are set to make the app even more reliable and useful.

  • Full-width messaging interface in the conversation,
  • Verification status,
  • Number of followers,
  • Mute notification button,
  • Username,
  • Real followers count,
  • Shortcuts,
  • Channel description,
  • Mute notification toggle,
  • Visibility status,
  • Privacy
  • Reporting
Major Update: WhatsApp to Introduce 12 New Features for WhatsApp Channels

WhatsApp is reportedly working extensively on the Broadcast channel conversation feature to add another dimension to the online messaging app. The features that are listed above will aid WhatsApp users in managing their channels. However, how the WhatsApp Broadcast channel conversation will work is not yet known. The feature is currently in the development stage and will soon become available for beta users and, ultimately, for all WhatsApp users.

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WhatsApp is also working on an Android-exclusive feature called admin review. This will give the group admins more authority over the participants in a conversation. Certain new tools are expected to be given to the group admins to manage the conversations better.

According to the WABetaInfo, when this feature becomes available, the group members will be able to report specific messages to the group admin. Then the group admin can actually delete the particular message if they want to.

Recently, WhatsApp introduced a new feature allowing users to use the same account on multiple devices. The users of messaging application can now use their WhatsApp account on four devices at the same time. According to the Meta-owned platform, the new functionality would allow users to connect each device to WhatsApp individually, ensuring end-to-end encryption of messages, media, and calls.

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