Jio Phone: Google and Jio Ready To Launch Their Most Talked About Mobile DeviceThis Diwali


Jio and Google joined hands quite a while back, and since then, they have been planning exciting things to bring to the market. But now, it’s almost time that we get introduced to one such thing. Yes! We’re talking about the much-expected Jio Phone that is made with the collaboration of both the conglomerates.

jio phone

Jio Phone is expected to be of high quality with great features and less than the price of its competitors in the same segment. The reason for this assumption is that both Google and Reliance are known to break the market and capture it with a similar-looking strategy.

The upcoming phone will be very much India-centric. Most things will be customized for the Indian user, and one can expect to use it with ease even if they are not familiar with foreign languages or evolving tech.

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Both the firms are targeting user that has not yet been connected to the internet. So, they are trying to make the experience tremendous yet straightforward to use.

That is why they are taking the voice-first approach, which means that the phone will have a multi-language function and easily accommodate translation and related features.

The device will also have features such as Google Assistant, automatic read-aloud and language translation for any on-screen text, an intelligent camera with India-centric filters.

Now, we don’t have the detail about the device’s pricing or the exact launch date, but it is expected to release during this Diwali season. Consider this one a gift for the people of India on this Diwali.

Moreover, it is plausible that users will also get some offer from Jio on their plans for this device or have a different segment of packs for this one device.

Well! Whatever it may be, we can only tell that to you in the future. But first, you would have to subscribe to us on Google News for that.

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