Check Out Instagram’s New Feature: Take A Break

Check Out Instagram's New Feature: Take A Break
Check Out Instagram's New Feature: Take A Break

Are you a social media addict? Well, you are not the only one. We often ignore other things and focus only on social media platforms. You need periodic breaks, which you don’t take. Instagram has now come up with a new feature:’ Take A Break’ in several countries. 

Instagram: Take a Break
Instagram: Take a Break

About The Take a Break Feature:

Instagram has designed the Take A Break with the aim that it will remind the users that they need to take breaks. To ensure that young people utilize this feature, Instagram will suggest setting reminders. Additionally, they’ll send notifications to turn on the reminders.

The meta-owned platform took this step to create awareness. “The well being of young people is important to us. We are focused on ensuring that the time spent on Instagram is intentional and people feel good about it”, stated Natasha Jog. She is the Public Policy Manager of Instagram India.

Additionally, expert-backed tips help teenagers “reflect and reset.” It will help them to manage their Instagram experience better. 

The Reminder

The Take A Break feature has a reminder built in it. The reminder follows a specific algorithm. For instance, the previous time management tool, Daily Limit, enables people to know the total time they spend on the photo-sharing platform. Subsequently, it will also allow them to mute notifications from Instagram. 

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The feature was first launched in the UK, the US, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, and now it is available globally, including in India.

Campaign In India

This feature will be campaigned and promoted in India in partnership with ‘We The Young.’ The campaign will last for almost one month. It will showcase situations where people can use this feature. 

If you use Instagram on an iOS device, you may have already received a notification to try this feature. Currently, the quality is only available on the iOS platform. But, if you are an Android user, you can also use it in the upcoming days.

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