Google Shuts Podcast Service: Know How to Save Your Data

Google has discontinued its services for podcast


Google had announced in September last year that by April 2, 2024, the company would shut down its podcast service. Therefore, it is essential that you transfer your data.

Google had mentioned that if you use Podcasts and have data in it, you should immediately transfer it to YouTube Music. Users can transfer their membership until July 2024. It may take some time to transfer the data. Note that not all podcasts will be transferred to YouTube Music. Those podcasts that cannot be transferred will display “Content is Unavailable.”

Google Shuts Podcast Service: Know How to Save Your Data

Google has begun integrating Podcast features gradually with YouTube Music. In the United States, YouTube Music and Podcasts are starting to appear in the same app. This will soon be rolled out in other countries as well. According to reports, globally, Google Podcasts has been downloaded by more than 50 million people. In fact, features of podcasts are also being added to Google YouTube Music, which includes RSS feeds.

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How to Transfer Your Google Podcast Data

  • To transfer data, first, you need to visit the Google Podcasts app.
  • Here, you’ll see the “Export Subscription” option at the top of the screen, which you need to select.
  • Then, you’ll find the option to “Export to YouTube Music.”
  • You need to select the export option and then continue.
  • If you want to view subscriptions, you’ll find it in “Go to Library.”

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