How to perfectly order a cocktail?


Have you ever been to a bar and been afraid to order a cocktail, just so that you don’t know how to order one? Well, it’s not rocket science and it can be easily learned within a few minutes of your time. Also, remember to ask the bartender about the same if you are confused and that they are free as a bartender can be the nicest of people to talk to and you could swell so much information, so what’s the harm in asking? And if not, continue the read and learn about it a little more.

On the Rocks


Having your drink poured upon the ice to get it chilled is called ‘On the rocks. The terminology signifies its use once you know that rocks refer to ice otherwise it seems hilarious to any newbie who hears someone else order an ‘on the rocks.




While on the rocks serves you ice inside of your glasses but what if you want a chilled glass and no ice dilution, then your best choice is to go for ‘Shaken up’ or simply ‘up’. The bartender mixed your cocktail in a shaker with ice and then transfers it to a glass and voila!  you get a chilled drink with no ice in it to dilute it continuously.

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Having more Olive juice in a martini makes it dirty and as a fact the more you add olive juice, the dirties the martini gets, So don’t be confused by such a  term after all its olive juice.




When asking for a neat, one means to get a shot of their drink right out of the bottle without any mixers or even ice. It is served in the old-fashioned cocktail glass and presented to you so you can enjoy the pure taste of your liquor. Usually, whiskey is ordered neat and you can have your choice of drink but that’s the old classic way.


With a twist

That’s a twisty name but it simply refers to having a lemon peel attached to your cocktail glass and it does make for a fancy name. It can be coupled with other ordering types such as “I would like a Vodka martini, Up and with a twist”, which means that your Vodka martini should be chilled but with no ice and should have a lemon peel attached to the glass itself.




‘Tall’ is ordered when you need some extra mixers in your cocktail and for that, a large tall glass is used, hence producing the terminology. They are less alcoholic as a large number of mixers such as grapefruit juice helps to dilute the level of alcohol.

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