Basic self defence you should know to fight off the unforeseen dangerous situations.


You can always get into a troubled situation, where you need to step up your game and fight for your self in order to save your very own precious life or the life of someone you love. It’s better to be prepared for situations like that instead of crying after and being in a helpless situation where you want to but couldn’t do anything. The basic self-defense is a basic necessity everyone should learn about. We have prepared a list of simple yet effective moves that can be used against any offender and eventually be saving you out of a bad situation.

Groin Kick

The Groin region is one of the most sensitive spots and if you timed your hit right, it can do immense damage that your opponent may not be able to maintain his/her composure for a while which will provide you a window to escape the situation. The groin kick is not easy as it looks and anybody in their right mind can see a kick coming towards them from a long-range, so for starters, you need to be in close range. It increases the chances of you getting hit first but its all about timing and its the easiest way to knock the offender out of their wits.

Ringing Ear slap

Imagine a slap to your ear that can almost make you deaf and leaves a ringing sound after the slap had been landed. This is the exact same thing that will be experienced by the offender when you clasp your hand and with a little swing, give them the mind-numbing slap of their life, after which it’ll be hard for them to maintain their senses for a while and well, creates a window again for you to flee the scene and get help or disappear.

Knee strike

The human body is full of attack centric points that can be used against us in combat situations. One such body part is kneecap and if one can directly give a hard blow to the kneecap the receiver may break their joint and may never walk again for the rest of his/her life. It is one of the most popular defense moves due to the reason that its very hard to defend a blow to the knee. We cannot bring our leg up of defending with another leg as it will disbalance us and our hands mostly won’t be able to reach the knee at the right time and if even they do then we are open to more dangerous blows.

Wrist Manipulation

One little hard clasp and a master can dislocate your wrist joint in seconds. Manipulation wrist is easy but needs a little more attention than the other self-defense moves and one had to keep their eyes open and look for openings every other second. It can be highly useful in order to hold the offender down and have them tell you the information you needed. Going a little too much James Bond, sorry but it never hurt to learn a move or two when your precious life is at stake.

Palm heel strike


Using Palms in a street fight is considered much better than using a closed fist to return the blow. A palm heel strike to the troat can choke a person to death or at least leave them gasping for air and in some cases knock them out for a short time. Also, you can break the offender’s nose with this kind of strike and all you have to do is keep your palms out, lean in with force and kaboom! straight to the face and they’re down.

Always be ready to run

The best approach to take in any fight where you might be risking your life is to run and run until you escaped the danger. Yes, it’s not the way of the coward but its actually very smart to run and let your hunter look for you and eventually drop the idea of going after you. Just don’t forget to have a little juice inside and go for an exercise or runnings sessions itself, so that you can outrun the offender and not lie on the floor next to them when you’re both gasping for air.

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