How to obtain Driving License without visiting the RTO?


Department of Road and Transport Authority of India has made several welcome changes to the rigorous and time-consuming process of obtaining a driving license.

People now don’t have to form queues outside their Regional Transport office because the whole process is being shifted to a completely different entity.


Instead of visiting the RTO, people can now obtain a driving license through selected Driving schools approved by the Road and Transport ministry.

The new rules will come into effect on the 1st of July 2022 and provide great relief to the people who could not apply for a driving license due to time constraints.

What are the new rules for obtaining a License?

driving license

According to the new regulations, individuals will have to register with a training institute that will conduct all the necessary required producers for granting a certificate to the people. One can quickly obtain a driving license through that certificate by filling in the details online on the Parivahan website.

These training facilities must be government-mandated and require a review of their accreditation every five years. The transport authority will conduct their inspection on the few parameters set to ensure the standards of driving training.

Here’s what Driving training institutes need to have:

1- Minimum of one-acre land for conducting driving training of personal vehicles and a minimum of two acres of land for conducting driving training of the heavy vehicles.

2- The trainers must possess a high school diploma and at least five years of experience as instructors. There must be a test track as well.

3- The institute must have the necessary technology for conducting basic biometric and document verification.

4- Light vehicle training must be completed within 4 weeks, and it will include 21 hours of practice and 8 hours of theory work.

5- For medium and heavy vehicles, a total of 38 hours should be devoted within 6 weeks to complete the training. This will involve 8 hours of theory and 31 hours of practical training.

Documents required for obtaining a Driving License:

driving license test

1- An address proof- Ration card, passport, Aadhar card, rent agreement, utility bill, Life Insurance policy etc.

2- An age-proof- An educational certificate, birth certificate, passport, pan card, employer certificate etc.

3- A passport-sized photograph and duly filled prescribed application forms.

4- A medical certificate issued by a competent authority ensures that the candidate is fit enough to ride a vehicle.

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