Reliance Brands Limited signs Deal with Italian Luxury Lifestyle brand Tod’s SPA


Italian Luxury Lifestyle Brand Tod’s SPA, famous for its iconic footwear, accessories and handbags, has made a splashing jump in the Indian market with a retail deal signed with Reliance Brands Limited. Tod’s SPA earlier only operated through two retail stores in New Delhi and Mumbai since 2008. The lifestyle brand also had a few partnerships with e-commerce brands like Ajio to promote and sell their product in India.

However, the insignificant growth of Tod’s SPA in the Indian market over the past 15 years has prompted the company to sign a massive deal with Reliance Brands Limited to expand its business in the Asian subcontinent. With this, RBL has secured the rights for handling the entire retailing process for the Italian brand in India.

tod's spa

The RBL management will take over the existing management and channels of orders to improve and enhance the focus on the brand’s potential in the Indian market. RBL’s objective is to strengthen the brand presence of Tod’s SPA in India, starting by boosting the brand’s digital presence through dedicated campaigns all over the country.

“Reconciling excellent craftsmanship with a hunger to innovate for the new consumers, Tod’s has crafted a unique space for itself on the global luxury front. A name that conjures images of luxe leathers and soigné materials, we are thrilled to partner with the brand to uphold its core values of exceptional quality, craftsmanship and effortless elegance in the Indian market,” said Darshan Mehta, MD of Reliance Brands Limited.

“We are very pleased to partner with the country’s leading luxury retailer as we believe that our common passion for quality and a modern and sophisticated lifestyle will allow us fully to express the potential of this important partnership,” said Carlo Alberto Beretta, General Brand Manager, Tod’s SPA.

tod's spa

About Tod’s SPA:

Tod’s SPA started operations as a small shoe factory in Italy and slowly and steadily gained the presence it has today in the lifestyle industry. The brand’s unique distinctiveness focuses on producing all the products inside Italy and later expecting the goods to sell at different locations worldwide. Tod’s SPA does not compromise with the quality, which has helped the group earn the trust of buyers. It operates 88 franchise stores around the world.

About Reliance Brands Limited:

Reliance Brands Limited is a subsidiary of Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd. that began its operations in 2007. The brand has carved a unique presence throughout many reliable deals in the industry. RBL has helped many companies expand their business across India, and with Tod’s SPA, the brand will look to further strengthen its portfolio.

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