Here’s How to Get Driving Licence Without Giving Any Driving Test


Have you ever thought on how to apply for driving licence without appearing for driving test? If you don’t have a driving licence due to the reason that you do not want to visit the Transport Office in your region due to the rush and long queues, there’s a way for you to avoid all that. Yes! You can get a driver’s licence without giving any sort of driving test.


The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) has made an announcement that starting July 1st, 2021, that you can get your driving licence  without appearing for driving test.

Here's How to Get Driving Licence Without Giving Any Driving Test

All you have to do is take a driving course in the accredited learning center and then you’ll not be hesitant for the test at the time of issuance of your driving licence.

These accredited centers will be equipped with simulators and tracks where they can test your driving skill both in a virtual and real manner. Moreover, you’ll have to follow a theory plus practical method of learning.

The course is divided into two namely the LMV course and the HMV course, which is for the Light Motor Vehicles and the Heavy Motor Vehicles respectively.

Now, the duration of validity will be for the next 05 years from the day you complete the course and the certificate is issued. You’ll have to get the certificate renewed if needed.

Moving onto the specifications, the LMV course at the accredited center will last for 29 hours in the span of a maximum of 4 weeks. Which will cover all that we’ve talked about earlier.

In the same manner, the HMV course will be for the duration of 38 hours in the span of a maximum of 06 weeks.

So, if you’re someone who has been sitting too long in order to get your driving licence then you can apply for these courses and fast pace your way to getting the driver’s licence in India without applying for driving test


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