How to Get Your Google Adsense Approved in Organic Way


Over the years, many styles and patterns are observed to get Google Adsense approved for your webpage. Google Adsense is the top feature for your blog and website to monetize and get paid for your content.

It is fast, secure, and better than any other CPC advertising program. But after 2018, Google made some drastic changes for approving a blog.

Since its launch, Google Adsense became a major dream for every webmaster to get verification and earn revenue. Though many fail on the way, some manage to get it right. Thes publishers who got it right planned and laid down their groundwork and executed accordingly.

We know you’ll get basic ideas on how to sign up on Adsense account and wait for 48 hours and all tidbits. We are here to present the only prominent solution to your problem.

So here we have a complete guide for both new and old webmasters on how to get your Google Adsense approved in 2020.

Make your blog ready for Adsense

 The first and foremost bullet for any blog to take upon is to be ready for its readers. It should designate categories for them to surf through your blog.
Use those themes and fonts which suit your blog posts and lead a nice design structure.

Content is King

 Readers crave quality content, crispness, and an interest building post that will never let them leave from your site. Feed them with what they want. Generate your own ideas and present them to your readers.

Also, maintain a word limit of 500-600 words to make your post crystal clear and informative.

Increase the frequency of blog posts

Google verify those pages which have sufficient blog posts on them. Write 15-20 blog posts for your blog without leaving any blank page on your blog.

Maintain consistency in your delivery is the key to changing your Adsense status “Needs attention” or “Getting ready” to “Approved”.

Make sure your site is reachable 

It is one of the best practices which is ignored by the webmasters. You have to make sure your URL is up and running correctly on a global scale.</span
And if your site is password-protected, temporarily remove the passcode to ensure Google crawlers can reach your site for approval.

Your site should be under “Google Policy Complaint”

Google verify any blog on three major bases: low-quality content replicated content and deceptive site navigation.

Write organic and 100% unique content because Google Adsense doesn’t approve copyrighted material. Also, to achieve good site navigation, categorize your content in menu bars for easy access.

Lastly, make your design “Responsive”

A responsive blog page is loved by every pair of eyes. Plan your design and make it mobile-friendly. Use writing styles that suit you as a reader.

Also, by adding responsive meta tags in your HTML document you can make images and embedded videos responsive.

So here we had a list of completely fresh ideas based on the algorithms for you to get your Google Adsense based in 2020.

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