How to Advertise Your Business With Hotstar?


Disney+Hotstar has now jumped into the advertising game just like other online service provider entities such as Google, Facebook, etc. Subsidiary of Star India have helped companies in advertising their Business with Hotstar.


They have opened up a platform where a general user can generate their ad campaign which would then be shown to those using the non-premium ad-based version of Hotstar.

Business with Hotstar

The Disney+Hotstar have been in the game quite long and have been competing with the big names such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It comes quite close due to its live streaming of sports events and also due to the fact that Game Of Thrones Season 8th Premiered over there.

Now, gaining all the popularity and making it a legit platform, they’ve done something unexpected and have successfully monetized the platform instead of maintaining the sanctity of the platform.

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From a user’s point of view having a platform that serves ads is something similar to a turn off for many out there. But on the other hand, its good news for a business organization which depends heavily on digital ads.

Now, if you’re a user of Disney+Hotstar and want to enjoy their content then just get yourself a premium account for it doesn’t cost that much in comparison to the other big OTT platforms in India.

And if you’re an advertiser then you should check out the steps given below in order to start off your own ad-campaign over Disney+Hotstar.

Steps To Follow In Order To Launch an AD-Campaign

  1. Follow the link and head over to the Brands Page of Disney+Hotstar and click on the advertise with the Hotstar button.
  2. It will take you to the next page where you would be asked to Sign up for an advertiser account on the platform. Create a new ID or log in with the existing one here.
  3. The next page will be where you would create your campaigns and select which type of campaign you want to go for and proceed with that.
  4. Select the subcategory and also choose the tournament or some else event where you want to get your ad displayed.
  5. Now, fill in the campaign details and proceed with that.
  6. The next step is to set up a budget for the same.
  7. On proceeding further, you’d  be asked to upload your content for advertisement and if its a video then only specific video types can be uploaded which should be having
  •  Up to 20 seconds of Video Length 
  •  Bit Rate of 50 Mbit/CBR 
  •  16:9 Aspect Ratio
  •  25 fps Frame Rate

Voila! it’s done and now you are ready to advertise your business with Hotstar.


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