How Disha Patani Maintains Her Svelte Body? Know Her Secrets Here


Known for her phenomenal acting and elegant body, Disha Patani knows how to win the hearts of her fans, and she is doing so by posting her stunning pictures on Instagram. She began her acting career with the Telugu film Loafer opposite Varun Tej, and later she made her debut in the sports biopic M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story. Her flawless acting and stunning looks made everyone melt like snow and immediately became a social media star too in no time.


Disha Patani’s Cardio Routine

Apart from her acting in Bollywood, she is also admired for health and fitness. She releases many videos related to her fitness on a regular basis on her Instagram account and shows her svelte body confidently. She is a hard-working woman, not only on sets but in the gym too. Disha works out twice a day and her morning fitness sessions include cardio workouts like dancing, kickboxing, or gymnastics. Meanwhile, in the evening she is lifting weights in the gym.

Disha Patani Focuses More on Meditation For Mental Peace

But she focuses more on meditation to maintain her inner peace, accelerate her senses, and remain active all day. She might not be a big fan of running or cycling because any of her videos and pictures never showed her running on treadmills or sweating on the spin-cycle. Most of her posts show her practicing gymnastics and boxing in the morning for agility.

If you are a true fan of hers, then you might have noticed what she loves the most. Apart from cardio workouts, meditation, or gymnastics, she also participates in regular dance sessions to keep her body toned-up. The Baaghi 2 actress is also a fan of Kung-Fu as it is evident from her Instagram posts. Many times, she posts her videos doing different types of kicks and moves in order to teach other people how to protect themselves from an enemy or from a person who is a threat.

Disha Patani’s Diet Plan

How we can forget to tell you her diet? As per her diet plan, Disha’s lunch comprises of a mix of carbs and proteins, which she is usually getting from rice and chicken, and for dinner, she prefers a protein rich-meal, like a bowl of eggs.

After all, being so disciplined of her routine, she sometimes breaks it and has her cheat days like she is a dessert lover and makes sure to have something sweet once a week. After her hectic shoots and daily workout, she makes sure to get proper sleep at night and manages to sleep for eight hours daily.

After knowing so much about the daily routine of your favorite celebrity, now you also must be wondering to walk in her footsteps in order to have a flawless and beautiful body like her. Her daily Instagram posts might help you a little bit to begin working out.

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