How can you help your wives/mother during Covid 19


Amid the period of lockdown, home chores never seem to stop. All of the chores have become the ‘All Time’s daily routine for most of the couples.
And sometimes, it sucks if you don’t have anybody to assist you. Well, not sometimes but most of the time it demotivates you if you do all the things without any help from other people. And who feel the most of it rather than all the Indian women.It’s high time you should help your wives/mother.You agree with me, ladies?

Dramatically, quarantine has increased the time spent together. This paves the way to the vibes of being unable to escape and results in a feeling of arguments full of frustration and bickering.

And what makes this situation complicated is the very natural behavior for people to have the need for different levels of autonomy and closeness. Put this all together and it makes the perfect recipe for fights. But there’s an escape plan to it too. And that is: playing with your brain and wiring it with correct information.


You see, our brain functions in such a precise manner that it shows a strong response against unknown dangers. Knowing that tension is inevitable, we can make our thought process balanced.

And by we, I mean all the men out there who sit idle and think what did they do that created the havoc. Here are some of the major steps and precautions you should take to navigate long periods of quarantine and to help your wives/mother during this quarantine

Lay Down Household Ground Rules

Firstly, you have to decide how and when to divide and use your space. You can play the ‘Game of Designation for Chores’. Plan your day and assign certain hours for using the kitchen, work time, period of ‘Me’ time and the time you’ll spend together. The idea of having a routine for the remaining day ensures peace and feels less irritable. Additionally, this will allow both parties to tackle their own personal issues and finish the workload on time efficiently.

Build Vocal Patience

Men have to understand that their partner is also the same condition as they are in. Understand the argument’s base and execute plans to resolve it. For this, use ‘I agree with you,’ ‘I understand,’ ‘I see your point,’ ‘We can do this together,’ and ‘I respect your space and privacy, please respect mine too,’ in between your conversation. This helps the other person feel that you understand what problem they are trying to narrate. Subsequently, they will hear your opinion and you can settle down to a result.

Go Out Of Your Way To Cultivate Positivity

In a period of crisis, it is easy to feel negative and less interested in everything. The tension brings the feeling of uncertainty of what the future will be having for you. And this calls for a positive response to the problem. Say small words or do little things to show a good gesture to your partner. This helps in keeping the bickering out of the conversation and brings happy feel within themselves.

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Be Helpful Around The House

The chores do pile up even if you are at home and doing small things like making meals, doing the dishes, taking out the trash, and general tidying. And as more time is spent doing these things, more is the fuel added in the fire. For a start, men can take small responsibilities to do instead of waiting for a perfect time. This helps the woman in releasing pressure off of her shoulders and reduce stress.

Respect Each Other’s Comfort

Lastly, feel free to take your time and give each other some moments for themselves. If your partner likes it to drink coffee and check her e-mails alone, let her do it. Despite all the lockdown, she expects some freedom of her own. You have to respect another person’s feelings. In the meantime, finish all your conference calls so you both can do something together when both have free time to kill.

Spend Some Time Together

At the end of the day, you both are exhausted and want the company of each other. And in the place of allocating time for every chore, try spending purposeful time with each other. Spend some time together being as friends. This helps in keeping yourself realistic and positive amidst the outer chaos. Talk to each other and plan small targets for the next day. Recall some good old memory of the time when your partner has been generous for yours. This will make her feel more loved and secure.

As the period of quarantine grows bigger, the flow of conversation may or may not dislocate from the right track. The above steps can be difficult but are doable and will bring positive changes, not only for the lockdown but for the long run too.Help your wives/mother in this crucial time.


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