Here’s Your Valentines Weekend Binge Watchlist On Netflix


Netflix is all set to rock your world with their amazing range of romantic movies for this Valentines weekend. 

Love is in the air and we are all set to binge-watch movies all day long while feasting on our favourite foods and snacks. 

So here’s our selection of some of the best Valentine’s Day movies to stream. It’s not all about love as some debuts this week are true-crime series and documentaries as well. 

We have classified and differentiated movies and shows worth watching or the ones you should simply skip for now; you will find a huge variety of genres and plots to choose from in this section! 

1. To All the Boys: Always and Forever 

The third and final movie in the To All the Boys franchise, Always and Forever is a much-anticipated movie starring Lana Condor as Lara Jean Song Covey. 

valentines weekend

Lara’s love life with lacrosse-star Peter Kravinsky (Noah Centineo) is always in jeopardy but this movie primarily focuses on her story. 

This movie shows her life as a teenager, sister, best friend, daughter, student and a girlfriend.

So with all these roles to fulfil responsibly, the question arises, is this romance between Lara and Peter going to last forever? 

A typical teenage conundrum for all highschool romances Always and Forever might be cliche but it is still sweet. And that makes it a definite stream for Valentines weekend! 

Make sure you’ve watched both the prequels to this movie before you set on to watching this farewell film which might make you long for love and a teensy bit emotional as well. 

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2. The Big Day 

Premiering on Sunday, February 14, The Big Day follows the journey of six Indian couples and their grand wedding preparations and extravagant ceremonies. 

This docuseries is all about the glam and bling spent on these million-dollar wedding ceremonies and how these couples prepare for the day of their unification. 

The lesson learnt from this series is that weddings aren’t all about the “I do’s” but also about keeping the romance and love alive after being married as well. 

It is almost similar to the Netflix show Indian Matchmaking, so if you have already watched it, you might prefer speeding through this one. But if you’re a newbie to this genre, then it is definitely worth a stream. 

3. Buried by the Bernards 

After all the loving and romance, you need a bit of cheer and laughter as well. And Buried by the Bernards makes for a perfect weekend binge. 

This reality show follows the lives of the Bernard family who run the R Bernard Burial Services in Memphis. Much like a sitcom, this family is led by the patriarch Ryan Bernard. 

Every episode of this show focuses on their personal and professional lives and experiences as a family.

Definitely a crowd-pleaser, the breakout star featured is Uncle Kevin, who is a part of the family as well. 


4. Nadiya Bakes 

Valentine’s weekend without cakes? Now, that’s just an incomplete experience for this amazing weekend. 

Nadiya Bakes is all about the season six winner of The Great British Baking Show who shares some of her unique and mouth-watering recipes with us in each episode. 

For every foodie out there, the themes are simple and easy to browse through as she makes classics, budget-friendly, signature cakes and many other themed cakes. 

It’s not all about her favourite recipes, Nadiya Hussain also shows us some of her favourite bakeries in England around the midpoint of every episode. 


Nadiya Bakes is what you need to watch this valentines weekend if you want to be inspired soon and motivate the master baker inside you for some Valentine’s treats. 

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5. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel 

Now it’s time for some true crime after all the love and laughter. We can definitely say that crime is (streaming) in the air as well! 

Based on the real-life incident of the disappearance of Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old Canadian woman, this documentary is all about the violent backstory of Cecil Hotel. 

With multiple suicides, deaths and gruesome crimes carried out in the past, the incidence in 2013 regarding the disappearance of Lam makes this series intriguing and worth streaming. 

Watch the journey as the police try to discover the truth through months-long hunts and in-depth interviews. The last known sight of Lam is recorded in the elevator after which she was never seen again. 

A complete mystery, Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel is a mandatory watch if you’re a true crime fan and want to know the realities of how the truth is warped in digital works. 

So with all these movie recommendations, we know your Valentines weekend is going to be a perfect and lazy one! So cosy up in your PJs as you stream through these movies on Netflix.

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