Here are 5 best old Disney Movies to watch on Netflix


Many of you must be Old Disney movie lovers like me! If you do not have a subscription to Disney+ Hotstar, worry not! Netflix has got your back. Netflix is showcasing some of the best Disney movies on its platform. Yes, you heard it right. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and let’s have a watch at some of the best old Disney movies on Netflix

Incredibles 2

If you have watched The Incredibles, you must not miss its amazing sequel. The first part showcased the protagonist, Mr. Incredible struggles to set his roots in heroism. All the family members are superheroes. In sequel portrays the wife, Elastigirl who is employed to search one of the mysterious villains Screenslaver.


Old Disney Netflix movies to watch

Moreover, the lead i.e. Mr. Incredible wishes to take care of his family and world via his home only. This story will burst you into laughter, comedy situations, and much more. So, go watch this amazing sequel and let the story unfold in its own mysterious way.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

This is the sequel of the amazing movie “Wreck-it Ralph”. The movie starts with the diversions, twists, and games of Litwak’s Arcade getting online. Moreover, the new Wifi burrow is known by some of the arcade stars that has commenced its operations at Game Central Station, Ralph. And the wheel of Sugar Rush is broken off.

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But, the machine stops because it gets unplugged permanently. How the story unfolds, what will the characters do to achieve their objective, that’s for you to find out in this fantasy unreal movie!

Christopher Robin

You all must have heard the stories of Winnie-the-Pooh. Well all those stories, anecdotes are given a new point of view in this comical drama. Meanwhile, numerous characters from the classic kids franchise are all alive in this movie Christopher Robin. The protagonist forgets his friends, gets married to an architect, has one beautiful daughter.

Not just this he serves his country during World War 2. When he gets trapped in the circle of life by worrying about job security, he calls for a trip and that’s where Pooh comes into the picture. How the story unveils, takes an interesting turn, that’s for you to check out!


Bolt is a famous tv series also where the protagonists are Bolt and Penny, where John Travolta and Miley Crus respectively played the parts. In spite of the fact that the dog utilizes his “super bark” to protect her from lowlifess on-screen, he accepts he can to spare the day off-screen since the makers of the show have deceived him into accepting his TV series is genuine life.

So after a scene closes on a cliffhanger, Jolt gets away from his Hollywood trailer to discover Penny, as it were to realize the off-screen world plays by diverse rules.

Princess and the Frog

Disney graced the world with Tiana, the first-ever Disney’s Dark princess. She’s strikingly beautiful, dedicated at her work, and a genuine symbol because of her wisdom and grounded personality. Tiana’s story unfolds in the 1920s, moreover, she dreams of becoming a restaurant proprietor than working just as a waitress.

Also, she later is changed into the slimy animal herself. What happened to her? Will she be able to become a restaurant owner? What is the role of the frog in the picture? That’s for you to find out. So don’t wait up and go watch this one of the best old disney movies of all time.

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