Headspace Guide to Meditation on Netflix Worth The Watch?


HBO Max popularised the show, A World of Calm by having some of our favourite celebrities read us soothing tales which might help us improve our mental wellbeing.

Headspace Guide to Meditation


But for the ones looking for real motivation and peace in life, Netflix has saved the day with Headspace Guide to Meditation. 

The 8-episode show Headspace Guide to Meditation aims to bring a great essence of presence which many of us have yet to acknowledge in our lives.

With Andy Puddicombe, the co-founder of Headspace, as your guide, this show helps us find a way to unwind our minds after a long day and our body to let go of the stress. 

Each episode spans for around 20 minutes and Andy explains the importance of meditation, and how it helps in making our lives easier. He even talks about his own life story, where he opted to become a Buddhist monk in the Himalayas rather than pursuing sports medicine.

Every part is accompanied with animations that are easy to understand and enjoy. It focuses on the individual and tells us how to meditate in the proper manner, like going along with the traffic on a busy road, instead of blocking it out and thinking about where the traffic may have come from and how it may evolve further. How To Avail Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, and Zee5 Subscription For Free?

Second halves of every episode feature consistent but moving animations, as Andy guides us through the meditation.

The content focuses on letting go, how to deal with stress in our lives, falling in love with our lives, being kind to others, dealing with pain & anger and achieving our unlimited potential. 

The episodes urge us to not watch the screen but instead focus on Andy’s voice and allow his words to infiltrate our thoughts. This show will help you get rid of the baggage in your life, with the help of apt animations to support the statements.

Highly effective as it shows some unique techniques to help you meditate easily; definitely worth the stream on Netflix.

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