10 Fascinating facts about the FIFA world cup 2022 that every football lover must know


The Middle East will feature the FIFA World Cup, the most prestigious football championship, for the first time, with Qatar empowering as the location. The competition will commence in the wintertime of 2022, with a month-long carnival in the Middle East’s most renowned nation.

However, several things will contribute to the 2022 World Cup becoming one of the most memorable championships in football ever. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting facts that will make the 2022 World Cup unique in every way. VOI attempts to assemble it from many sources.


Here is a list of the 10 fascinating facts about the FIFA world cup 2022

The Northern Hemisphere’s first cold weather World Cup in Qatar 

10 Fascinating facts about the FIFA world cup 2022 that every football lover must know

So, here are some fascinating details and facts regarding the World Cup in Qatar. The tournament in 2022 will be the first wintertime world cup in the Northern Hemisphere. Originally, the world cup was held in the southern hemisphere during the summer, as this is when the region suffers cold weather.

When it relates to Qatar, meanwhile, things become more difficult. Qatar, located in the Middle East, has unusually high temperatures that often exceed 50 degrees C. It is nearly hard to organize any form of the world cup in such surroundings.

FIFA World cup 2022 is one of the most expensive tournaments ever

Another intriguing detail about the upcoming World Cup 2022 in Qatar is the amount of money spent on planning for the event. According to estimates, Qatar is spending a stunning $200 billion on infrastructure investments such as stadiums, motorways, and resorts.

This will render the Qatar FIFA World Cup among the most costly in the history of the sport. After all of this, Qatar is laying no stone left to provide a dynamic experience for the spectators.

10 Fascinating facts about the FIFA world cup 2022 that every football lover must know

The World Cup will be held in the minimum stadiums possible.

Another noteworthy feature of the next World Cup in Qatar is the number of stadiums. Qatar is preparing only eight venues to host FIFA 2022, the fewest number of sites for a world cup in previous years.

Only one of the eight stadiums chosen to host the event was restored, while the other 7 were constructed entirely from scratch.

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Visitors in Record Numbers

The number of people projected to arrive in the nation during the tournament is one of the most intriguing facts. According to estimates, the Qatar FIFA 2022 World Cup will draw a record number of attendees by the time the event concludes.

The explanation for this is straightforward. Qatar is one of the best countries in the Middle East, and its ideal geographical location puts it close to most other countries.

The Most Convenient

Qatar is a rather small country. It is, in fact, far shorter than Russia, the 2018 World Cup host. Because the nation is so small, getting from one point to another is not difficult.

Host cities such as Doha, Lusail, Al Wakrah, and Al Rayyan are all nearby to one another. As a result, going from one location to another would be a breeze for visitors. Another fascinating fact is that Qatar’s two closest distant stadiums, Al Bayt and Al Wakrah, are barely 90 miles separated.

10 Fascinating facts about the FIFA world cup 2022 that every football lover must know

Stadiums with Air Conditioning facility

One of the most significant aspects of Qatar as the FIFA 2022 host country is that it experiences troublingly extreme temps during the day. Qatar devised an ambitious solution to the problem.

For the first occasion in FIFA World Cup history, a nation will host the tournament in fully air-conditioned venues. All eight stadiums in Qatar will be luxurious facilities, providing spectators with a comfortable watching experience while also allowing athletes to perform on the field.

The fan zone sells inexpensive booze.

Qatar has left no rock unturned in its efforts to make the forthcoming FIFA 2022 World Cup a major triumph, and fan zones will play an important role in that. There has been a lot of discussion concerning the accessibility of alcohol in Qatar during the World Cup so far. While the venue does not serve alcohol to supporters, Qatar has certainly found a workable workaround.

Across the nation, fan zones will be set up to provide booze at reduced prices. This will be the overall concept for the Qatar World Cup, with supporters able to watch live play from the fan zone while drinking inexpensive booze.

Connecting Europe’s and the Middle East’s cultural divide

The World Cup in Qatar in 2022 will serve to overcome the cultural divide across Europe and the Middle East. This will be a chance to link the two different worlds and help individuals have fun simultaneously.

In truth, Qatar put in a lot of work, and the outcomes will be intriguing to observe after the World Cup.

Asia will host the second World Cup.

Qatar will not only be the inaugural Middle Eastern nation to host the tournament in 2022, but it will also be the 2nd visit the famous championship will be held in Asia. The first was in 2002 when Japan and South Korea co-hosted a FIFA tournament in Asia for the initial game.

As a result, FIFA 2022 will be a historic occasion for Qatar, as it will be the only Middle Eastern nation to organize the competition.

Fans may enjoy courtesy

Have you ever experienced Qatari Arab accommodation? The problem is, this country is widely recognized for its wonderful Arab culture and continues to impress visitors. In Qatar, every resort, public park, and even commercial mall has been planned with ease and pleasure in mind.

In terms of the 2022 World Cup, supporters will be treated to lavish hospitality once the event begins. Do you want to watch it live in Qatar?

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