Everything You Need to Know About the Jio Postpaid Plus plans and Its Exciting Offers.

Everything You Need to Know About the Jio Postpaid Plus plans and Its Exciting Offers.

September of 2020, Jio launched its new initiative- Jio postpaid plus plans that offer unlimited calls and messages services with the additional benefits of free access to top OTT platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video.

The new Jio postpaid plus plans starts from Rs399. Customers who are availing free subscriptions must take note of the terms and conditions. If you have pre-existing accounts with Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you should link the availed offer to your existing account to avoid being billed separately for your old account by the OTT platforms.

As aforementioned, The new Jio postpaid plus plan starts from Rs399. However Jio also has postpaid plans starting from Rs199 that provide unlimited calls and messages benefits with complimentary subscriptions to exclusive Jio apps. The plan also offers 25GB data after the completion of which, every GB will cost you Rs20.

If you are looking for subscriptions to OTT platforms, then you’d have to pay an extra of Rs99 with the 199 postpaid plan. However, Jio users can avail free subscriptions to streaming websites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video with Jio postpaid plus plans that start from Rs399. Additionally, Jio has also partnered exclusively with Amazon to offer shopping and entertainment benefits  to its customers.

Free Subscriptions to Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime

Jio postpaid plus plans with exciting offers and subscriptions to top OTT platforms:


This plan offers unlimited calls and SMS services with a total of 75GB after which It costs Rs10 per GB. With new benefits and upgrades like in-flight and roaming services, the 399 postpaid plus plan covers all your needs. Moreover, the plan also brings in the 200GB rollover data system. It offers free subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video as well as Disney+ Hotstar. Apart from that customers will also have access to all Jio exclusive apps.


Other than basic unlimited calls and SMS benefits, this plan offers the 200 Gb rollover data and comes with 100 GB data after which customers will have to pay RS10 per GB. The plan also brings one additional family plan sim card into the postpaid plus plan. Last but not the least, It offers free subscription to Disney+ Hotstar VIP, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.


With regular access to Jio apps, this plan offers free access to Disney+ Hotstar VIP, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It also offers unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day with 150GB as the total data. Customers will have to pay Rs10 after its completion. In addition to all these benefits, the 799 plan also provides two family plan sim cards.


This plan enlists similar benefits for more quantity. With a rollover data of 500GB, the 999 plan offers 200GB in total after which customers have to pay Rs10 per GB. Like other Jio postpaid plus plans, this plan also offers free subscription to top online streaming websites.


This Jio postpaid plus plan brings in a rollover data of 500Gb and offers 300GB in total after which customers will be charged with Rs10 for every GB. It provides access to all Jio apps and although more details regarding this plan are to be announced, it is very predictable that it will provide free access to the top OTT platforms.

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