10 Best Subscription Plans In India That Will Blow Your Mind In 2023


Nowadays, Subscription Plans in India have a variety of options. Having the best subscription plans is on trend now. From our favorite foods such as Zomato Pro to Cultfit membership and their elite gyms or group classes, and software like ChatGPT to the best OTT Subscription Plans, it has many advantages in every aspect of our everyday lives. This expanding trend has given us to experience leisure that is hassle-free with the top Subscription Plans in India which are effective and valuable for customers as well as companies, to do what interests their customers or embrace their time and money.

Best Subscription Plans in 2023


Well, try to think about a passion or interest. Do you love to spend your weekend watching something fascinating or searching gyms near me on Google to loosen up a bit and end up not going?


Well, these Premium subscription plans in India will blow your mind. For example, a monthly subscription to Netflix or a Yearly subscription to the best gyms of Cult Fit, will surely not disappoint you if you like it. So, choose wisely, and Let’s know the list of best subscription plans in detail.

Top 10 Subscription Plans to Buy in 2023

Netflix | Amazon Prime | Disney+ Hotstar | Cult.Fit | Fitpass | Zomato | Swiggy | ChatGPT-4 | Canva | LinkedIn |


Top movies of Netflix to watch

You can watch the best movies on Netflix including several Award-winning movies on a Netflix Subscription plan in 2023, which reduces the need for pay TV services and gets the most popular movie options worldwide. Additionally, you may receive various benefits of one of the best subscription plans which is a Netflix subscription on a budget that is easy to watch on your computer, smartphone, or tablet in addition to the TV, so you can do so wherever you are. You may watch your favorite shows on the go while offline if you download them. Here are the details of the best monthly Plans and pricing for your convenience in Indian rupees.

Netflix Subscription Plans & Price

Number of ScreensAdvantages
Basic199/Month1Watch on 1 screen at a time
Standard Definition (SD) quality
Standard499/Month2Watch on 2 screens simultaneously
High Definition (HD) quality
Premium649/Month4Watch on 4 screens simultaneously
Ultra High Definition (UHD/4K) quality
Availability of HDR (High Dynamic Range) content

10 Best ways to get a free Netflix Subscription
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Amazon Prime

10 Best Subscription Plans In India That Will Blow Your Mind In 2023

For a considerable duration, Amazon Prime Video membership has been accessible, offering a selection of four available plans. Amazon Prime is renowned for offering some of the most reasonable and best subscription plans, which include monthly, quarterly, and yearly options with varying charges. Furthermore, an Amazon Prime Lite membership option, valid for a year, is also on offer. Subscribers to Prime receive numerous benefits of an Amazon Affordable Prime membership, including access to Prime Music, early access to deals through Prime Early Access, reduced charges for morning delivery, and unlimited benefits with their Exclusive Subscription Plan.

Amazon Prime Subscription Plans & Price

Membership PlanPricing (INR)Advantages
Amazon Prime₹999 per yearFree and fast delivery on eligible items
Access to Amazon Prime Video with a wide range of movies, TV shows, and Amazon Originals
Early access to lightning deals and exclusive offers
Ad-free music streaming on Amazon Prime Music
Access to Prime Reading with a selection of eBooks, magazines, comics, and more
Free in-game content and exclusive gaming benefits through Prime Gaming

Disney+ Hotstar

10 Best Subscription Plans In India That Will Blow Your Mind In 2023

Disney+ Hotstar presents a variety of budget-friendly OTT subscription plans. The positive aspect is that regardless of the chosen plan, users are granted complete access to the entire spectrum of content. If you’re uncertain about which Disney+Hotstar membership option suits you best, we’ve elaborated on each of them extensively within this article, enabling you to make a well-informed decision about the best subscription plans in India available in 2023.

Hotstar Subscription Plans & Price

PlanPricing (INR)Advantages
Super Plan899/YearAccess to Disney+ shows and movie success to Disney+ shows and Indian movies
2 devices can be logged in
Premium Plan299/ Month
1499/ Year
Access to all Indian and International Disney+ shows and movies
4 devices can be logged in

Cult Fit

10 Best Subscription Plans In India That Will Blow Your Mind In 2023

A Cult Fit subscription plan provides advanced gym memberships by offering an all-holistic and well-rounded fitness encounter customized to your requirements. Regardless of whether your aim is weight loss, muscle building, enhanced flexibility, or adopting a healthier way of life, a Cult Fit subscription serves as a priceless resource for your fitness Goal.

Whether it’s Cult Fit gyms nearby or their gym it’s worth the price. Additionally, if you work in a renowned corporate company, a cult fit best offer subscription is waiting for you.

Cultfit Subscription Plans & Price

PlanPricing (INR)Advantages
Cultpass Home125/Month1200+ at-home workouts across formats including strength, dance & yoga
Cultpass Pro970/MonthUnlimited access to all PRO gyms
At-home live workouts
2 Sessions per month at ELITE gyms & group classes
Cultpass Elite1354/MonthUnlimited access to at-centre group classes
Unlimited access to at-center group classes
At-home live workouts


10 Best Subscription Plans In India That Will Blow Your Mind In 2023

Fitpass membership helps you to choose your fitness goal, explore the best classes, and select from extensive options of workout choices. Irrespective of whether you’re a fitness freak or a newcomer, Fitpass presents an affordable gym solution that’s an adaptable and popular gym subscription in India, facilitating your commitment to an energetic and interactive fitness expedition. It has the best monthly subscription plans which is most suitable if you need a budget-friendly gym near you.

Fitpass Membership Plans & Price

PlanPricing (INR)Advantages
Basic Plan1078.72/MonthReserve up to 5 workouts
Premium Plan1846.72/MonthUnlimited workout reservations across the partner network
FITPASS5118.72/ QuartlyUnlimited workout reservations across the partner network


10 Best Subscription Plans In India That Will Blow Your Mind In 2023

In a world where convenience and culinary delights converge, Zomato Gold subscription earns as one of the best subscription services in India for food enthusiasts. Offering a bouquet of benefits customized to enhance your dining experiences, Zomato Pro is your ticket to a world of discounts, priority deliveries, and exclusive offers that elevate your gastronomic journey. Picture this: You’re craving your favorite cuisine, and Zomato Pro comes to your rescue, transforming your dining experience and making the Best value subscription plans across India.

Zomato Gold Membership Plans & Price

PlanPricing (INR)Advantages
Zomato Gold199/3MonthsFree Delivery, upto 30% off
VIP access during rush hours
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Swiggy membership prices

The top membership in India, Swiggy One, offers a range of advantages spanning all its offerings like Swiggy Instamart, Swiggy Genie, Swiggy Meat, and ordering food online. In the past, Swiggy introduced the Swiggy Super Membership, which provided perks for online food orders. However, with the arrival of Swiggy One, users have more reasons to celebrate, as they receive benefits for both online grocery shopping and the Genie service.

Swiggy One Membership Plans & Price

PlanPrice (INR)Advantages
3 Months199 (Varies depending on your profile)Swiggy Instamart, Swiggy Genie, Swiggy Meat, ordering food online.
1 YearSame as above/ Free delivery

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Benefits of ChatGPT Plus Subscription

The ChatGPT Plus subscription plan stands out as the best subscription in India for users seeking a premium and seamless conversational AI experience. With ChatGPT Plus, subscribers gain access to a suite of advantages that enhance their interactions.

Additionally, subscribers enjoy priority access to the latest features and improvements, enabling them to stay at the forefront of AI advancements. As the most cost-effective solution for regular users, ChatGPT Plus offers a holistic and productive experience, making it one of the top most used subscription plans and an AI friend to those who seek help at any time of the day.

ChatGPT Plus Subscription Plans & Price

Plan Price
ChatGPT Plus20$/Month


10 Best Subscription Plans In India That Will Blow Your Mind In 2023

Canva emerges as the ultimate answer for designers and it has diverse requirements in India. Irrespective of your profession, Canva offers an ideal platform to fulfill your design aspirations. From crafting Social media visuals to designing Resumes and impactful presentations, Canva Pro covers the entire range of creative needs. It’s user-friendly and helps you to create your own visuals, making it the top choice for the finest subscription plans for graphic designers in India. Prices are different for personal use or business, let’s check out the charges of Canva.

Canva Subscription Plans & Pricing

PlanPricing (INR)No. of peopleAdvantages
Canva Pro69/1day
1Access to all the Features
Canva Pro499/Month1Access to all the Features
Canva Pro3999/Yearly1Access to all the Features
Canva Business30$/Month
2400/Month (Differs)
MultipleAccess to all the Features
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Linkedin Subscription charges in India

LinkedIn is the most extensive professional networking site online, centered on careers. While the platform offers free access, vast options are exclusively accessible through a subscription plan known as LinkedIn Premium. This paid LinkedIn top Subscription Plan in India can be applied to your LinkedIn profile and is mainly designed for individuals currently in pursuit of job opportunities etc. Also, with the top subscription plan you learn from the best through their premium plans and online courses. Check out the Charges for Linkedin Premium Subscription in India.

LinkedIn Subscription Plans & Pricing

Plan Pricing
LinkedIn Premium 29.99$/Month to 99.95$/Month
Depend on your Goals and Targets
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