Delhi Covid-19 Vaccination: The Inoculation Will Be Done Four Times A Week

Delhi COVID-19 Vaccination: The Inoculation Will Be Done Four Times A Week

After reviewing the COVID-19 situation in Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made it clear in a conference that the government is ready with all the necessary preparations for the Delhi Covid-19  vaccination program that will roll out across the country from Saturday onwards.

The Central Government supplied 2.74 Lakh vaccines for the first time, out of which 1.2 Lakh will be reserved for health care workers, and around 2.4 Lakh personnel have registered themselves for vaccination against the covid-19. The schedule says that each individual will only receive two doses of the vaccine.

The Delhi government is starting off with 81 covid-19 vaccination centers at first which will progressively be increased to 175, and then to 1,000 centers. Mr. Kejriwal said that up to 100 vaccines will be administered at each of these centers, and the vaccination will be done four days a week, that is, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Mr. Kejriwal believes that Delhi will receive more vaccinations soon as per the increase in requirement and wants the people to get relieved as they have been suffering for a year.

On Thursday, 340 new COVID-19 cases and four deaths have been reported in the national capital, and the positivity rate slips to 0.48 percent. This has been the eleventh time that day count of new cases in Delhi stood below the 500-mark in January.

Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain stated that “The positivity rate has reached below one percent and these stats have been consistent since the past few days, indicating stabilization of the coronavirus situation”, and also made an announcement that according to the new orders from the health ministry, up to 36 government hospitals and 53 private hospitals will be volunteering for having a vaccination site each.

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On Tuesday, officials said, “The Delhi police will tighten its security to ensure smooth transportation, and to avoid any major casualty during the delivery of the vaccines”. The very first batch of Covishield vaccine reached Delhi’s central storage facility at Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital amid high security.


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