Covid Vaccine Booster Dose for Health Workers, COVID-19 Vaccines for Children: PM’s Speech Highlights 


On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an announcement that India will commence a vaccination campaign for children between the ages of 15 to 18 from January 3, 2022. Moreover, frontline and healthcare workers will get covid vaccine booster dose from January 10, 2022, onwards.

Furthermore, citizens who are above 60 years of age and have co-morbidities will also get a covid vaccine booster dose. But they need their doctor’s recommendation before appearing for the dose. This also commences from January 10, 2022.


Covid Vaccine Booster Dose

Prime Minister is concerned about the rapid increase in the number of Omicron variant cases. He also asks the citizens to welcome and celebrate the new year with the highest precautions. He urges people to cover their faces with masks and wash their hands frequently.

Although, he assures citizens that the government is taking care of all the necessary precautions. He also shares the current progress updates with people, mentioning the number of available hospital beds, oxygen beds, and vaccination progress details.

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Precautions Taken by the Centre for Covid Vaccine Booster Dose

Prime Minister proudly shared the details that today, India has 18 lakh isolations beds, 5 lakhs oxygen-supported beds, 1.4 lakhs ICU beds, and 90,000 special beds for children.

Also, we have more than 3,000 functional PSA Oxygen plants. And, 4 lakhs oxygen cylinders have been provided to each state.

Covid Vaccine Booster Dose

Other than research on the vaccine, the government is also focusing on approval processes, training, IT solutions, distribution, supply chains, and certification.

Along with these efforts, India is fully prepared to face the surge in the number of cases. According to recent reports, more than 61 percent of adults have successfully received both doses of the vaccine.

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Moreover, around 90 percent of them have received a single dose of the vaccine. The government is looking to fully vaccinate the nation by the end of the year 2022.



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