Checkout the Heartwarming Gesture of an Uber Driver that’s Winning the Internet


A heartfelt post from a Linkedin user named Harsh Sharma is the latest talk of the town for all the right reasons. The netizens are raving about the kindness of an Uber Driver in Bengaluru that helped Harsh in the kindest and purest way possible.

In the post shared by Harsh on Linkedin, we learn that an uber driver named Ravi gets to know that Harsh has not slept due to a flight and did not even have food. Upon learning this, Ravi, the uber driver, took Harsh to a restaurant and arranged a table for two so that Harsh and he could have breakfast in peace. The heartwarming gesture won over Harsh, who shared the picture of two eating in the restaurant.

Harsh Sharma wrote in his post, “The person you see in this photo, he’s not my relative, friend or anyone whom I knew until this happened.”

He further added, “This Uber driver named Ravi unlike other cab drivers talking on earphones due to language barrier, he saw I haven’t sleep due to my flight. He organised the seats so I could lay down. Then he asked me “sir breakfast eat?”. I said no. He told me “you sleep, I stop at good restaurant”, 1 hour later he wakes me up. We are at a very crowded restaurant, he arranges a table for me. The restaurant was self service, but he brings menu to me and suggests some specialities of south India.”

uber driver gesture shared on linkedin



After the food Ravi insisted on buying a coffee for Harsh and said that “isse need khulegi”. The Uber driver did not let Harsh leave the table and treated Harsh as his son. Harsh then writes in the post that two more people joined them at the table to share conversations and food. A sight which is hardly even seen in Delhi.

“An average man in his 50s just left a life long impression on me and I am left here just feeling sooooo good and wondering that somewhere in this fast paced life we left humanity way behind,” said Mr Sharma.

The post is liked by more than 30,000 people on Linkedin who are loving the sweet and caring gesture from Ravi.

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