Best Tricks and Hacks to get Tinder Subscription for Free in 2022


If you have ever wandered into online dating, you must have heard of Tinder. The popular dating platform must be on your phone if you want to explore your online dating options. However, it can become a huge hassle to get into a relationship with many features being unavailable to users with a free version of the app without any Tinder Subscription. You cannot rewind a profile that you may have swiped left unintentionally, nor you can send unlimited super likes to improve your chances of getting a match. However, don’t worry cause we have answers to all your problems.

Tinder subscription packages and prices:

Tinder offers Tinder Gold, Tinder Plus and Tinder Platinum subscription packages in India. These premium subscription packages are a must if you want to get on the relationship wagon. The pricing for Tinder Plus, the cheapest one of the lot, starts at ₹373 per month. A pretty hefty amount to pay if you ask us. Moreover, the pricing goes as up as ₹1050 per month for Tinder Platinum. Imagine spending this large amount of money and coming out empty-handed. What a waste that would be.


tinder subscription prices

Benefits of a Tinder Subscription:

Tinder Plus is the cheapest subscription which means it has lesser features than Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum. Tinder Gold unlocks a few more features, while Tinder Platinum brings all the features that the dating platform offers. Here, we have listed all the features you get with Tinder Platinum.

  • Unlimited likes
  • Unlimited rewinds
  • Passport to any location
  • Hide advertisements
  • 5 super likes per week
  • 1 free boost per month
  • See who likes you
  • New top picks every day
  • Message before matching
  • See the likes you have sent over the last 7 days
  • Prioritised likes

The list of benefits is undoubtedly a long and enticing one, but the pricing tends to discourage the users of this dating platform. Well, worry not, cause we have found a few ways to help you get the Tinder subscription for free.

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Hacks and Tricks to get Free Tinder Subscription:

Tricks to get free Tinder subscription

1- Free Trial Coupon Codes

Tinder does not offer free trials regularly on its website or app, but there are times when this dating app gives out free trials. Keep your email notification on as Tinder tends to send free trial codes to its lucky users. Well, as they say, you need a bit of luck to find love.

Also, Tinder might send you a code that you can’t use for yourself but can give to a friend who is in need. So, on special occasions, keep a vigilant eye on your inbox. Maybe not your but your friend’s love story can start due to you.

2- Use your Google Play or Apple App Store gift card balance to buy Tinder Subscription

You might be surprised that a gift card you thought was useless can help you buy a Tinder subscription for free. If you have received a gift card either on your Google Play App or Apple App Store, you can use that to buy the Tinder subscription from these app stores directly.

Note: These are the only two legit hacks and tricks that can get you a Tinder subscription for free. Don’t download 4 different apps to ultimately get the subscription cause it will only hamper your privacy, and you won’t end up with a subscription. However, don’t be utterly disappointed if you can’t use the tricks listed above cause we can help you significantly cut down the subscription cost.

How to get Tinder Subscription for a lower price?

1- Create your account through the website

Strangely when you sign up through the Tinder website instead of the app, you get lower prices for the subscription packages. Many users have voiced the same fact on the internet. So, just by simply using a computer instead of a phone, you can get the subscription at a lesser price. Quite a handy trick, isn’t it?

2- Find promo/coupon codes

Can you wait till Valentine’s day to get on the online dating platform? If you can, then you are in luck cause Tinder offers promo/coupon codes on special occasions to kick start your dating journey. So, create an account and don’t buy any subscription until a special day arrives cause you may be the lucky one to get a promo code.

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