Getting A Swipe Right on Dating Apps Has Been Made Easier for Those Who Are Vaccinated


No one remains single forever, someone special is made for everyone. It’s just a matter of time and patience that someone special could be anywhere in this world, your desired person could be living next door, two blocks away, or might be in a different city. You don’t know until you meet that person.

And, technology has played a major role in reducing the gap between those who are made for each other. There would be hardly any person who hasn’t gone through a dating app as these platforms have become the fastest route to find your soulmate.


Getting A Swipe Right on Dating Apps Has Been Made Easier for Those Who Are Vaccinated

But due to the surge in coronavirus pandemic the whole nation is under lockdown period, so the practice of meeting each other in person is halted. But true love never dies and can wait. That is why engagement on these dating apps has increased over the past 4 months and people are found regularly active on these platforms.

Still, if the fear of the coronavirus is keeping you away from finding someone special, then do not worry as dating apps are making it easier to swipe right for a match who is vaccinated. Dating app companies have released a new range of features that will create more interest in finding a partner.

With the help of these new features, users will be able to filter desired matches by their vaccination status, and will also gain free access to premium features like ‘boosts’, ‘super likes’, and ‘super swipes.’

In order to increase awareness among youngsters, dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Match, Hinge, OkCupid, BLK, Badoo, Chispa, and Plenty of Fish have released a bunch of new features that will help people to meet other people and reduce the distance between them.

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According to recent leaks, the dating apps will also educate users on how to get vaccinated, provide them educational material and necessary information on how to find the nearest vaccination center. The stats also show that chances of finding a match on OkCupid have increased up to 14% who have already vaccinated themselves or are planning to do so.

The series of new features will vary from company to company. As the number of matches progresses, users will get a new “Vaccinated” badge, so that they can add them to their profiles and like this, the users will get a free “boost” to make their profile more appealing and will also rank higher in search results.

BLK, which is the largest dating online platform for black singles, also offers a free boost to the users if they will add a “Vaxified” badge to their profiles. Whereas, Tinder is also offering vaccinated badges, as well as a new “Vaccine Centre” to help its users in finding nearby vaccination centers easily.



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