Best Gym Clothing Brands You Should Totally Checkout

Are you one of those gym-geeks who can’t get going without a proper outfit to compliment your hard work? Gym Clothing is essential for utilising the best of your abilities during a workout. Putting on clothes that suit your individual preference might help you gain more momentum during the exercise. 

Here is a brainstormed list to find the suitable gym clothing brands to keep your spirits up during workouts:


1 Nike

Like their motto- ‘Just Do It’, Nike’s inclusive clothing strategy aims to provide you with innovative athletic gym wear to maximise your potential while training. They have thousands of clothing options to pick from, and the best part; their gym clothing is backed by several sportspersons and athletes all around the globe, so you don’t have to worry about their reliability.

2 Adidas


When you choose Adidas, you choose to wear a well-thought and designed brand according to your taste and style. Their climate t-shirts specifically made for absorbing the sweat are the best if you look to shed loads of sweat and tears during a workout.

3 Puma

If you need a clothing brand to motivate you to be brave, determined and youthful, you have to go for Puma. They are one of the revolutionary industrial leaders in gym clothing. Puma’s clothes are designed to let you achieve your workout goals with ease.


A brand created by India’s one of the fitness icons- Hrithik Roshan, is built on the premise that everyone has a superhero inside them that they need to channelise. HRX’s gym wear is created to see you through your training without stress.

5 Wrogn

Wrogn, backed by Virat Kohli, is a brand that focuses on determination and perseverance to carve your path. If you want to transform yourself entirely, then Wrogn is your brand. They aim to provide maximum comfort to the people sporting their merchandise while performing intensive gym training.

6 Reebok


Owned by Adidas, Reebok has an identity as a fitness brand. Their versatile and dynamic clothing range can satisfy the needs of both male and female gym-goers. Reebok gym clothing gives you the liberty to train in various fabrics, styles, and fits.

7 2XU

2XU stands for ‘Two Times You’, multiplying your existing abilities to perform better. Created in Melbourne, Australia, 2XU is a brand that relies on cutting-edge technology to produce compression garments. Their apparel is flexible and lightweight, which lets you train harder and recover faster.

8 Gymshark

A UK brand with its cult following among social media fitness influencers. Their products are incredibly well priced and designed with high-quality fabrics for the intended users. They have all sorts of apparel to entice the gym freaks. Gymshark has grown a unique reputation of its own among the industry giants.

9 Rhone

A men specific brand, Rhone takes pride in designing comfortable anti-stink apparel for its customers. Founded in 2014, the brand focuses on men aged 25-50. They claim to use better and more long-lasting materials than their competitors.

10 Satva

An Indian brand dealing only in women’s activewear believes in creating sustainable organic clothing. Their products are free from toxic chemicals, bleaches, sulfur and heavy metals and thereby are perfectly suitable for workouts.

11 AloYoga


Even though AloYoga focuses primarily on yoga apparel, its clothing line is extensive enough to cater to your gym wear. Their clothing is highly flexible and comfortable, which lets you move smoothly while going through your workout regime. 

12 Champion

Founded in 1919, the brand aims at reinventing and redefining athletic gym clothing. As the brand name suggests, their clothing line’s target is to create a champion out of you. They are also moving forward to create sustainable clothing to preserve the environment. 

13 Under Armour

A brand that began just with the vision to counter sweat problems of the body has evolved so much over time. They have created revolutionary products with the help of techniques such as UA Tech and UA Rush. These techniques are designed with a vision to provide clothing that keeps you active for an extended amount of time.

14 Lululemon

They started as a brand focusing exclusively on yoga apparel. However, they have expanded their clothing line since then to include activewear and sportswear. Lululemon is open to feedback and has a forum for open dialogue to improve its clothing according to the customers.

15 Vuori

Founded in California, Vuori is a brand that aims at creating activewear that doesn’t necessarily look like it. If you are looking for a combo of clothes that is essentially both casual and gym wear, you have to try out their gear. They are one of the best in creating colourful and fun patterns on their apparel to provide a chill and relaxed approach.

16 Decathalon

One of the largest sporting goods retailers, Decathalon, has won the trust of millions of customers with its quality and unmatched services. Decathalon’s gym wear is one of the most sought after due to the highly comfortable and lightweight fabric used in the making.

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