How to Stay in Shape When the Gym Is Shut and You’re at Home

How to Stay in Shape When the Gym Is Shut and You're at Home

The coronavirus is still spreading throughout India. The government has set many restrictions on the opening of gyms in the worst-affected cities. As a result, it is difficult to maintain muscles and a lean body at home. Regular exercise, on the other hand, is critical for supporting good immune function, reducing weight gain, increasing mood, and staying as strong as feasible (during this hard global epidemic. So, how can you stay in shape at home? Don’t worry, Flickonclick will give you the best workout schedule to stay lean and fit.

Stay in shape at home with these workout schedules

Here is a list of the best Workout schedule that you can follow to Stay in Shape

  1. Squats.

Stand up straight with your head front, back straight and your chest raised and out. Stand with your feet shoulder-width or a bit wider out. To assist you to maintain your posture, extend your arms straight out in front of you. Tilt your hips back, as if you’re ready to sit down.

Put your head forward as your upper body leans forward slightly. Bend yourself till your thighs are parallel to the ground (if not, that’s fine), and your knees are over your feet. Return your pressure to your heels. To return to the beginning posture, keep your body taut and drive through your feet. Squads are the best exercise for men to stay in shape and enhance core muscles.

  1. Plank

As though you’re ready to execute a push-up, place your hands precisely beneath your shoulders, a little wider than scapular apart. Tighten your glutes and dig your heels into the ground.

Find a location on the floor approximately a yard beyond your arms to help you relax your head; we want your head to be in level with your back. Maintain the posture for thirty seconds. Maintain your plank for as much as you can without sacrificing your form or breathing as you get more familiar with the exercise.

  1. Triceps dips. 

Place your hands with fingers front on the side of a tabletop or the side of a wooden chair and move your legs out to a 45 ° angle from a seat or countertop. Gradually bend your legs while extending your elbows back, maintaining your knees soft and your core involved. Back to the starting point.

To make it more difficult, elevate one foot slightly off the ground. Triceps dips not only make you stay in shape but also increase your arms muscles and strength.

  1. Bicep curls. 

Place your feet butts-width wide and stand strong. With your arms straight and palms facing front, hold a homemade rock or dumbbells in each arm.

Bring your arms (not your wrists!) to twist the heavy weights to your shoulders while keeping your core taut and elbows tucked tight to your body. Pause for a moment, then return to your starting spot.

  1. Knee Push-ups

Knee Push-ups are best for beginners. Trust us or not, no exercise is as good as push-ups to stay in shape. It might be old school exercise but it strengthens your triceps, chest, and shoulder muscles.

Beginning in a hands-and-knees position on the floor, with your palms slightly broader than shoulder-width spread and your eyes on the ground beneath you. Your legs should be at a respectable distance from one another.

Breathe as you gradually lower your elbows to the floor, bringing your body to the ground. Make sure to maintain your abdominal muscles tight! Exhale as you push up from the floor to your starting posture, pausing for a moment. Do the push-up from your toes as you gain strength.

  1. Pull-Ups

Buy Pull up Bar online and make sure to get it fit. Every home workout schedule is incomplete without performing pull-ups. It’s best to exercise to grow your back and to stay in a V shape.

So, Leap to your feet and grab the bar with your arms shoulder breadth away and palms looking away from you. Swing with your arms completely outstretched; if your legs are dangling on the ground, twist them at the knee. Throughout, maintain your shoulders back and your core-focused.

Then raise your hand. Concentrate on recruiting every upper-body power to assist you in your ascension. Gradually raise your head until it is over the bar, then slowly lower your arms until they are stretched again. Strive for 10 pull-ups, but expect to fall short.

To stay in shape until gyms reopen, complete all of the above-mentioned exercises three times and aim for 10-15 reps in each set for better results.

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