Banjara Market Famous For Home Décor and Furniture Is Shutting Down Soon


Banjara market in Gurugram is one of the top thrift stores in and around Delhi that you can go to. The specialty of this market is that it sells household items, pottery, handicrafts, and all related items in relatively cheap and provides quite superior quality.

But unfortunately, just like any other good thing, this might have an end too as the market will be closed soon.

Banjara Market

The reason behind this is that all the vendors in the market are sitting on unauthorized property and are not budging to move. So, the Haryana Shehri Vikas Pradhikaran has to use force, and in a drive to free up the area, they are going to remove all the dwellers from there.

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The market, which is situated near the gold course, is taking up about 25 acres of land, and not only that, but slum and unauthorized residency have been created over the land. They’ve mostly covered the area of sectors 45,53 and 57.

While this might be the right step to take according to the HSVP, this might hard quite too many lives. While the slum worker will be dislodged from their homes and forced to be out on the streets, the Delhites would be sad, too, as their favorite market for home decor would go down in the dust.

If necessary, the HSVP has claimed that they’d be taking help from the police, too, to make sure that the law is followed and to control the outrage that is predicted.

Moreover, what do you think? Will the Banjara Market be gone, or they’ll somehow manage to stay or relocate. And that most heated up question, if they relocate, will you be willing to switch to the then- new-Banjara Market?

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Well! What can be done in a situation like that? We are looking out for opinions. So if you have any, do share them in the comment section.


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