Delhi to Go Under a Stringent Night Curfew: Will This Be Extended to a Full Lockdown?


Did you miss carrying your E-pass around? Well Delhi residents, we have a bad news for you. Starting from tonight till April 30th, Delhi is going under a stringent night curfew from 10 pm to 5 am.

Delhi government as usual had very little to say about this sudden lockdown. In an official  announcement it reported that due to a palpable spike in COVID cases in Delhi, a night curfew needs to be imposed at the latest.

Delhi Night curfew

It has been reported that more than 1 lakh cases were witnessed in Delhi in just one day. Therefore, strict night curfews will be in motion from tonight and people can come out only for

  • vaccination purposes
  • essential services with E-pass
  • medical purposes- private doctors, nurses
  • medical staffs and journalists with IDs

exceptions will be made for pregnant women and any emergencies.

Anyone travelling interstate or out of station will have to produce their tickets along with E-pass to travel on the road. This is the most severe order after the first wave of COVID.

The start of a fresh surge in COVID cases is quite alarming and calls for stringent measures, therefore the Delhi government has taken the initiative to impose night curfews and observe the movement of people rather than the essential services.

Although Delhi is undergoing a fourth wave of COVID-19 according to the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, a lockdown does not seem to be in the line for future. The government is looking to closely monitor through night curfews instead of a full-fledged lockdown.

In an official statement, it was announced that a lockdown will not be imposed without the consultation of the general public. While this maybe favorable to the capitalists, common people in large are getting affected day-by-day.

Delhi recorded about 3,548 cases on Monday which is still lower than its peak that was almost 9,000 cases in a day in November.

While this gives hope for a relatively better situation than November 2020, people really need to start maintaining distance and following the COVID rules to not fall into the pit once again.

Moreover, Delhi is not the only state suffering from this spike in cases. States like Rajasthan and Maharashtra have also imposed night curfews tougher than Delhi.

Mumbai is going under a tough 8pm to 7am curfew, while Rajasthan is imposing a 8pm to 6am curfew.


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