All You Need To Know About iPhone 14


If you haven’t already heard, Apple has announced that a new iPhone 14 will be launched this year. So, if you are thinking of buying a new iPhone, then you can surely check out the iPhone 14. 

iPhone 14
iPhone 14

Launch Of iPhone 14

Apple announced that the iPhone 14 will be launched most probably on 31st October 2022, in India. And you can expect the price to be around Rs 79,990. 

The new iPhone model was recently announced. And this phone has received a lot of good reviews since.

Specifications Of iPhone 14

Now, if you are willing to buy this new model of iPhone or simply want to know more about it. Here are a few specifications of this phone. 

Screen Display

Firstly, you will get a 6.1 inches full HD screen, along with an 1170 × 2532 pixels resolution. With this screen display and resolution, your screening experience will be amplified. 

Moreover, when you will be watching videos or playing games you will get a very premium experience.


With this model of iPhone, you will get 4 GB RAM. Additionally, you will have 64 GB of internal storage in this variant. 

Moreover, you will see the use of the Hexa Core processor here. You will also see the use of the iOS v15 operating system. 

Camera Specifications

You will get a dual-camera setup with this new model of iPhone. Here, you will get 12 MP and 12 MP cameras. 

Furthermore, you will get a 12 MP + SL 3D front camera as well. 

Battery Life

The iPhone 14 has a decent battery life of 3115 mAh. And with battery life as such, you will not have to worry about charging your phone multiple times during the day. 

You can use the phone for a day by charging it once, without having to worry about battery drainage. 

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Other Features

Along with the above features, iPhone 14 offers you many more features. You will see a removal of the face ID notch also. 

Furthermore, Apple has redesigned the model to give the users a more premium look. 

So, if you are looking for a new phone then you can definitely wait for this phone. You will surely not be disappointed.


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