iPhone Hacks You Should Know As a User


If you are an iOS user, then you must know how frequently you keep getting updates on your iOS system. But did you know that with every update, there are always a few iPhone hacks? 

Try These Hacks
Try These Hacks

For instance, with the previous update of the iOS system, new hacks were also brought in. 

So, being an iOS user, you should know about the hacks that were brought with the new update. Here, are a few hacks that you should know as an iOS user. 

Turn Dark Mode Only At Night 

This hack enables you to turn on dark mode on your iPhone only during the night. For this hack, go to settings, then display and brightness. Now, click on the turn on automatic, and then the Tap options. 

From the list, create a custom schedule for your dark mode according to your preference. This hack is best if you are someone who prefers the light mode but to reduce the strains on your eyes. 

Use The One Hand Typing Option

By using the QuickPath swipe option, you can slide your finger over the keyboard for a faster typing experience. This feature lets you type much faster. 

When you use this feature it is not necessary that your fingers have to touch all the letters. And just by sliding your fingers, your message will be ready to be sent. 

Have A Customized Do Not Disturb Mode

Yes, you can now customize the Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhones. This will help you set some extra features to this mode according to your preferences. 

With this hack, you can add a list of contacts who can still contact you despite your Do Not Disturb mode is on. To customize this feature, go to the desired contact, and click on the edit option. 

Then click on the Emergency Bypass option. And by turning on this option, you will receive calls and texts from this contact. 

Delete Apps That Are Using Your Data

Apple has introduced a new tool for iOS 14 called “App Tracking Transparency.” By using this feature you can delete the unnecessary apps on your phones that may extract your data. 

To enable this feature go to Settings, then go to privacy and tracking. Now find allow apps to request to track. 

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Send Spam Calls Directly To Voicemail

By using this iPhone hack, you can send all your spam calls directly to voicemail itself. Moreover, if you are wondering whether all your unknown numbers will be sent to voicemail, then don’t worry. 

The unsaved numbers which were previously contacted or Siri finds in your email, and similar numbers will not be sent to the voicemail. 

But there is one drawback as well. If some robocalls spoof a friend’s or relative’s number, then then they too won’t be sent to voicemail. 

Hence, using these hacks on your iPhone you can get a better user experience. So, make sure to try these hacks if you are an iPhone user. 

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