Airtel plans to salvage market share before the launch of JioFibre.

Mukesh Ambani announced last week that JioFibre will be launched in early September and that had forced competitors like Airtel and Vodafone to work on their counter-strategy. Airtel has been thrown off from the number one position when Jio marched right in with their unbelievable plans and the company still hasn’t find a way to get out of the trap set up by Jio.  Jio has already poached 340 million subscribers and would be going for  500 million this time. The competition is surely tough for competitors but let’s see how Airtel counter this and also, how it is going to once again bring a major change in India.

The  Bharti  Airtel plans on fighting seriously this time and  they  have started  showing their peices before its too late, let’s check out  some of their latest offerings:

Lucrative offers

Bharti Airtel is in no mood to settle this time and as a countermeasure, they are rolling out new offers before the launch of  JioFibre in order to increase their customer database. The initial offering starts with the company giving 1.5 GB data per day up to 224 days for their new Airtel Hotspot users, which is quite a genuine offering in light of the fact that it’s coming from Airtel.

Airtel Home Platform

The company had been working on collaborating all their platform together in order to generate a one-time single bill that will reduce stress on users and also comes with extra discounts. The initial offering can go up to a 10% discount on paying the bills altogether, which can sum up to be a pretty decent amount if you are a power user.

Airtel Black

This is one of their major fight back option against JioFbre and it basically bundles services like broadband, fixed-line, and Airtel  TV Altogether at a much discounted price. The rumors say that Airtel can push Airtel  Black through the use of their preexisting AIrtel Thanks Platform, which they launched last year to give free benefits to the user, in turn, upscaling their ARPU.

Better  4G connection

The  Airtel network is inferior as compared to Jio’s 4G network due to the fact that they operate in 2G, 3G, and 4G bands altogether while Jio only focuses on their primary 4G network and keeps on upgrading them.  The company had taken serious action against it and will switch all their  3G bands into supporting structure for their expansion plan for 4G network and will be able to get much higher connection speeds.

The operation had already been started and Kolkata, which belongs to the first circle has been made 3G free and only 2G and 4G  bands are working there, which are giving them their required results up until now.


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