Everything to know about the One Plus TV before its launch.

One Plus had announced a new segment in its lineup of smart devices last year, that is the new One Plus TV and having the reputation for creating some top-notch products, one plus fans are waiting for the revelation of their new creation. The company had been working on the project for almost a year and there are rumors that the TV would be launched in September 2019, exactly one year from its announcement. The tech geeks are expecting some very exciting features form One plus’s new lineup but we have a semi confirmed list of features that you can expect with the new One Plus TV.


The screen size for the TV can be  43 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75  inches, where the lowest screen size of  43 inches would only be exclusive to India for now.  The company plans to sell their device in China and India as they are the primary market for One Plus devices and upon their successful campaign, they can move their products to the rest of the world later on.

The Tv would run on Android OS but there are no confirmations that it will be forked or not, which is basically changing the Android os and customizing it according to your needs. But there are more chances that it would be forked and will be in competition with Xiomi’s patchwall OS powering their smart TV’s. The rumors also claim that the highest version of their TV’s may have an OLED panel included and One Plus is expected to add 4K and HDR support to their devices, making them one of the best TV brands to go for possibly.

Television market may be new for Plus but they are not the new players and knows their game. Xiomi has already bamboozled the market with the launch of their Television devices, which was purchased in quite a large amount upon its launch and may give serious competition to One Plus.

If you are one of the tech geeks or a One Plus fan then you must remember the time when the company launched a competition to suggest a name for their new TV and Logo. But due to some reasons, they closed the contest and chose a design and name themselves. This was termed as a publicity stunt or an activity to engage users into thier products before the launch itself, creating a market hype.

“It’s been almost a year since we posted our TV naming competition in the forum, and now it’s time to announce our final decision on the TV project’s name and logo. We’re so excited to share this news with you at the first place before everyone else. The project to develop the OnePlus TV was announced back in September last year. Soon after it was announced, the company initiated a contest to find a relevant name for its first smart TV. A dedicated team was also established to kick off the TV development, which is indeed something new for the company that is popular for launching only flagship smartphones,” One Plus mentioned in a forum post.

The rumored date for the launch of One  Plus Tv is 26th of September and stay tuned for more updates on the same.



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