7 Interesting Things to Do in Varanasi for an Enigmatical Holidays


Varanasi is a lovely North Indian town in the region of Uttar Pradesh. When we look at the chronology of this city, we can see that it dates back to the 11th year B.C. As India’s spiritual center, the city is undoubtedly home to a large number of Hindu tourists. There are numerous things to do in Varanasi that will captivate you and convince you to stay there indefinitely. There is plenty to do in the religious city, from praying in the temple to swimming in the pure Ganges.

Varanasi, one of the world’s oldest cities, is also one of the most vibrant. Sign up for the most distinctive and informative activities in Benaras for a memorable visit. Flickonclick will provide the finest things to visit in Varanasi that will provide you with a soul-soothing vacation experience.

Here is a list of the 7 Interesting Things to Do in Varanasi for an Enigmatical Holidays

  1. Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Kashi Vishwanath Temple is a prominent and revered Hindu Temple in Varanasi that is claimed to be a genuine commitment to Lord Shiva. It sits beautifully on the west side of the Ganges. There are a total of 12 Jyotirlingas (Holiest Shiva Temples) in the world, with the ancient Kashi Vishwanath Temple being one of them. Varanasi was initially named Kashi, hence the temple’s title was derived from there. During the year, many people pay their respects to Lord Shiva, and the area is notorious for being highly congested. If Varanasi is a temple mecca, then Kashi Vishwanath Temple has to be the most popular.


  1. Burning Ghats

Burning ghats in Varanasi

While all of the ghats are fascinating, the burning ghat is one of a kind. When individuals are suffering, they come here to remain in the terminal. Cremations, funerals, and other rites take place on the shores of the Ganges at this ghat. As a visitor, you are permitted to walk through the ghat, watch, and even take photographs. It’s crucial to realize that people have come to say goodbye to their loved ones, so act respectfully both with and without your photography. Be wary of ‘volunteers’ who will offer you a ‘free’ guided tour before pressuring you to donate the money.


  1. Blue Lassi

Blue Lassi is a small-town cafe that celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2015. It is still and has always been a family business, as evidenced by the hundreds of images on the wall. A lassi is a yogurt drink, but the ones at Blue Lassi are a touch fancier than your usual cup on the market. The lassis are handcrafted by a guy sitting on the small balcony that overlooks the alley and are available in a variety of tastes. Before you choose your fillings, you can choose a context of peach, mango, banana, cherry, or numerous other varieties.


  1. Boat Ride

One of the best things to do in Varanasi is to take a twilight boat ride on the Ganges. Your journey would be incomplete without a soul-stirring ride down the sacred river’s charming waters. There is no more dramatic scene than watching the sunset over the river. Make it even more interesting by having your rower sing some folk tunes. Take cues from Bollywood films that have featured this sequence numerous times. It’s also one of the best goods to do in Varanasi with children.


  1. Evening Aarti

Evening Aarti in Varanasi

Viewing the sunset aarti by the Ghats is one of the best spiritual matters to do in Varanasi. You may have observed the positive time in Rishikesh or Haridwar, so you have an idea of how illuminating this trip to Varanasi will be for you. During aarti, the ghats become extremely congested. So, make sure you arrive on time. To completely enjoy the experience, purchase an aarti thali. When the thunderous melody of aarti lands on your ears, you are in a state of complete bliss.


  1. Singhpur

Singhpur is a peaceful village just a few km from Varanasi. While Varanasi is a Hindu religious focus, Sarnath near Singhpur is a Buddhist religious center point. One of the greatest things to visit in Varanasi and the surrounding areas is to explore this village, which is noted for its Buddhist temples. Sarnath is also known as a deer park since it is where Gautama Buddha first went to teach about the notion of Dharma. The Buddhist Sangha attained knowledge here. It is nestled near Singhpur, the home of Shreyansanath, Jainism’s 11th Tirthankara. Sarnath is unquestionably one of the best destinations to visit near Varanasi, particularly for those interested in Indian history and literature.


  1. Experience a Beautiful Sunset

Ghats, which gently lie along the Ganges River in Varanasi, is without a question the most charming and captivating sight to view in this sacred city. Visitors can wander through the Ghats at sunset and share some mind-blowing and unforgettable moments with their loved ones. Experiencing the Ghats while in Varanasi is a necessity, and little beats seeing the sunsets here. With so many Ghats to explore, you can always find a vantage point to see the breathtaking sunsets. Because the Ghats are frequently busy, it is best to arrive early to watch the best vistas that will be with you for the rest of the time.

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